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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Plot Bunnies 10!!

It’s plot bunnies TEN!! *Dances around the computer like a nut*
Well here it is folks, and today instead of writing tips (it’s only for today so don’t worry), I decided to do amateur writing mistakes. : )

Here are some mistakes that amateur writers make, most of us are amateurs but knowing the mistakes that other people have made can help us.

1. Run-on sentences.
2. A boring beginning
3. To few or to many descriptions
4. Switching tenses (that bothers everyone!)
5. Too many clichés in one book
6. Mary Sues and Gary Stus
7. Not listening to advice and critques
8. Writing a twilight Fan-fic
9. Locking yourself in your room to write
10. Writing about a sparkly vampire

1. What do you think about when you hear the word ‘Rutabaga’? Write it down.
2. Using to characters from one of your novels or stories, make them having a texting conversation using very crappy phones.
3. Sit down with yourself in twenty years and have a chat.
4. Have you ever been to China? Write about your experience even if you’ve never been there. Can you do it?
5. Go and have a random word war with someone on the nano site.
6. Your calculator is talking to you. What do you do?? *runs and screams*
7.  Do you see that? No you don’t. Do you see it now Daisy? It’s a squirrel!

Full of books to read and you can even publish your own FOR FREE.
(I’m Anna Swanson on the site)
It’s a good self publishing site but can be VERY pricey. **Like $$$$$$$**
A pretty good site, I haven’t really tried it out yet.
I’ve heard that’s a really good site, but yet again I haven’t tried it out.
Great, wonderful site for writing.
My site for my writings. You don’t even have to join to read!! Just comment!

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