I unfortunatly will not be blogging as much this November due to NANOWRIMO.
I'll probably post once a week,
and maybe a live blogging post here and there.
Hope to see you all on the YWP Nano site! Ciao!
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Sunday, January 30, 2011


I just got back from visiting my cousins. They are like four six and one. Yes there is three of them. One is a boy the second oldest and my youngest cousin is the cutest thing but I hardly spent anytime with her. I'm depressed because of that! I also had the worst chicken ever to be served on this earth along with the best cake on earth. I let the kids jump on the bed. *Groans* On a really old bed. I need to get back to writing and planning for my next novel.
Love ya,
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Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have around four members right now! Please join, you will have so much fun and improve your writing skills.
P.S. Scottie Thompson rules!

Plot Bunnies 6

It’s Plot Bunnies number six everyone! Whoo hoo whooo!! Okay, sorry about that, but I just had to do that. J By the way, I took the researching tips section away and replaced it with writing prompts.
 **To celebrate I have a spot open for anyone and everyone, all you have to do is write a nonfiction article on writing. If you don’t want to write a short (less than 800 words) article then you can create writing tips, researching tips, or how to write a better novel. The winner will have a permanent spot helping the newsletter, and will get to write short articles, and/or tips for writing in the newsletter. They will get credit on my blog and on the newsletter! Good luck, and the form is at the bottom of the newsletter. This spot will be open until February 12 2011.**

{1}Paint pictures with your writing, not a paintbrush
{2}Write about what you know or even want to know
{3}Use the correct tense, I mean really it isn’t that hard. It annoys many people when they read your writing.
{4}Post some of your stories on watt pad! I have an account on there. J

{1}Make your character act like a chicken.
{2}Take your favorite episode of your favorite TV show and turn it around. Make it even more interesting than before.
{3}Write a short story to describe your character so you can get to know them better.
{4}Be sure to complete forms for your characters and new species. Make the form longer than necessary.
{5}Keep you character's journal, almost like your own. . .only from your character's point of view.
{6}Name your character Kipp, see how his name affects his behavior, personality, and social life.
{7} Take some sponge bob characters and turn them into humans.

Hey everyone, this is just a survey for you guys, so that I know what to include and what to trash in the newsletter. Here are just a few simple questions for you guys. The newsletter will become better because of you!!
{1} How can we make the newsletter better?
{2} What things should we include to make the newsletter better?
{3} What things should we put in the trash to make the newsletter better?
{4} Would you recommend this newsletter to friends?
{5} Should we include Nanowriters biographies and interviews?
{6} Is there anything else you wanna say? LINKS
My new RP, I’m still posting stuff so it might look a bit funny. Please join!!
A great site for when you’re stuck!
A great site when you need to find out how to do something.
A good RP, they aren’t very active right now though.

Friday, January 28, 2011


The furnace broke last night and it was like fifty degrees outside and inside. Now it's fixed but I mean it was freezing! I gave my dogs some blankets to snuggle up in while they were sleeping. Right now I'm watching the NCIS episode where McGee is going into a club as Thom E. Gemcity and he brings Ziva, Abby, and Agent Lee along. It's my fav NCIS scene, my fav NCIS episode is Cover Story because it's all about McGee and his writing career. :)
Has anyone seen The King's Speech? It looks good, but it's rated R for cursing. I might want to see it. Okay, well I guess I should get back to writing and planning for my February novel, which I really like the plot of. Here it is:
Sue auditions for the Atlanta Ballet Company in Georgia, and she has a successful audition which leads to her new career at the Company. Unfortunately she meets Tiva, who hates Sue's guts. Then she meets Ken, who loves Sue's guts. But will Tiva steal the spotlight and Ken when she enters a dance competition, or will Sue's spotlight grow.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hola chicas y chicos

Hey guys, today is my last day of exams, so I'm partying! LOL. So the heater(furnace what ever you wanna call it) just broke and my poor fish is really cold, and I am too. Here is a short excerpt from one of my novels.
    A freezing breeze ruffled up my brown hair and made my eyelids flutter open. The window was open just a crack. Achoo! I had left it open all night which allowed the pollen from the magnolia trees to float  silently into my room while I had been sleeping like an angel. It was a comfortable temperature out, well comfortable for a southerner like me. An unusual feeling floated through the air, and it wasn’t just the pollen.
    “Hey Addie, wake up.” A voice from the end of my bed called out.
    “Wha?” I sat up in be and I looked around my plain, white room.
    “Yello!” Kittyman popped stuck his head out from under the sheets and twitched his nose.
    “Kittyman, that wasn’t funny!” I giggled softly as he walked up my legs and sat on the pillow next to me on the bed. He purred loudly and I stroked his fur until he decided to get up. Kittyman shook his fur and stretched, jumping off of my bed. I followed him by tossing my covers aside and running gleefully over to my dresser.
    Sunlight streamed into my room, spilling over everything. From the fish tank to the dresser, to my crappy computer sitting in the corner.
    “What’s today?” I asked him quietly. I knew that it was summer time, but not exactly what day.
    “It’s Christmas Day!” He snickered loudly. It could’ve been Christmas day, it could get pretty warm in December and the winter months.
    “No really.”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


**rumble rumble** Hide! It's thunder. *hides under desk** Okay, well I'm RPing right now so, yea. **rumble** Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Okay well I guess I could post a short excerpt from my February novel, I just wrote two pages of it so I wasn't cheating!
Shoes squeaked, basketballs violently hit the backboards, and I sat on the cold metal bleachers, moping away. There was nothing to do at the House, aka the Dance Academy, aka the local dance studio that I basically lived in. At the House they had a gym, a tennis/racket ball court, and four dance studios.
I picked at my nails as I watched the boys play basketball; so boring.
"Bea over here!" I looked up and saw Maddy; my best friend on the other side of the gym waving for me to come over and sit with her. She then stood up and waved her arms so that I would see her if I couldn't see her neon green shirt. I smiled, nodded, and then scooted across the metal bleachers to the other side of the gym.
"Hi ya!" I smiled, and brushed a piece of strawberry blonde hair out of my blue eyes.
"So what happened to your sisters? I thought they would be sitting with you."
"I dunno,"
"I saw them walk into the headmistress's office." A girl's voice answered from behind me.
"What?" I asked. I mean I knew that Kate always went to the office because she picked a lot of fights, but Selene. Selene never went to the office. 

Monday, January 24, 2011


WHOOOOOOOO!!! I just made this RP forum about all of these kids (you can make a character of course) who are very creepy. Basically the kids are dead to everyone, they pretend to be dead and live under different names, or in the wild. Please join, I need moderators!! :)
Okay, well I hope my BFF doesn't have strep. She had a sore throat and a head ache. 
Alright, well by bye,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My new RP!!

That's my new RP, it's so awesome. I currently need some moderators and members. Sign up now. :)
By the way, it's still very much under construction. LOL.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm sitting in my dad's car, in pain, and wishing for a pillow for my butt. I had ballet on Thursday and we did barre stretch which hurts your legs, hips, and rarely feet. Right now my hips and tailbone are killing me! Owwwwwww! Speaking of cars, a few days ago I took a practice driving test online. I got a ninety and missed line two questions. This was on the signs ya know? Well I'm only thirteen and got a ninety! Hehehehe I didn't cheat I swear! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Plot Bunnies 5!

Wow, it’s the fifth issue of Plot Bunnies!! Thanks for the twenty six subscribers we still have Plot Bunnies here!
 **To celebrate I have a spot open for anyone and everyone, all you have to do is write a nonfiction article on writing. If you don’t want to write a short (less than 800 words) article then you can create writing tips, researching tips, or how to write a better novel. The winner will have a permanent spot helping the newsletter, and will get to write short articles, and/or tips for writing in the newsletter. They will get credit on my blog and on the newsletter! Good luck, and the form is at the bottom of the newsletter.**

~Surf face book or twitter if you can’t see from someone’s point of view, you’ll almost always find a person that has the same point of view has your character on their!
~Write for AT LEAST thirty minutes a day, so you won’t get writer’s block.
~ If you have writer’s block do this simple exercise : Write a page or two with your eyes shut.
~When your stuck, but have an idea; outline!

~ If you’re writing a mystery, or realistic novel that contains forensics, go to Barnes & Nobles, they have a book on forensics specifically for writers! How cool is that?
~ Sometimes it’s helpful to search government databases, yes it’s boring, but helpful.
~Bookmark your search engines and sites you use for research so you can find them later.
~Don’t ever give up if you can’t find something! Most likely if it’s not on the internet, it’s in a book, vice-versa.

Story Name: Standing in the Dark
Username/Pen name: DCGirl4ever
Genre: Dystopian/sci-fi
Short Bio of yourself: Um, I'm DCGirl4ever. I like writing dystopian and post-apocalyptic books and tragedies. If I shock you, appall you, make you sad or angry, or make you wish you'd never read the ending of that story, then I did my job.

Standing in the Dark

"So," the voice said, "college apps? I didn't think you were smart enough."

I gripped the pencil so hard it almost broke. "Get out of my room. Or bow and tell me your name. Take your pick."

He laughed harshly. "I don't bow to you."

I looked up at him; my heart nearly stopped when I realized I recognized those cold blue eyes.

That was him. Four years ago, he was watching me. He didn't bow. And he's not going to bow now.

I'd never forgotten that boy. He'd always been in the back of my mind, watching me, just like he was watching me now. His image had been forever burned into my memory—the boy who didn't bow.

People always bowed to me; at least, Capitol workers did. They had to every time a member of the royal family was in their presence. And even if you didn't work for me, it was common courtesy to bow to me the first time you met me. It's not like the kids at school had to bow every time I passed them in the hall. But this—this was ridiculous.

I stood up, growling. I towered at least six inches over the boy's head. He didn't look all that threatening to me—he wasn't half as scrawny-looking as Jerry, although he was short—but his expression told me a different story.

He wanted my head on a platter.

"Can I help you with something? Seriously?" I asked. "I'm a little busy here, in case you haven't noticed."

Welcome to no where RP, the best P ever. I didn’t start it.
Alley #3 it can get confusing, I just joined!
Best place to critique, get critiques, write, and talk with other writers! I’m annaswanson48 on there.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today in math me and my friends(we had to work in groups), so we couldn't figure any of the problems out so we ripped up pieces of paper and curled them using our rulers. :P
Oh and we played with our teacher's glitter pen since he was busy helping other students. Then on the bus I kicked this really annoying dude and came up with a nickname for another guy on the bus. His new name is the 'Wee wee little leprechaun'. Hehehehehehe. 
Any way, I'm working on critiquing everyone's stories that they wanted me to critique. I'll get it out soon!! :)
Bye- bye,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I critique!

Well like the title says I'll critique your story! I use this checklist on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best. I also can give comments.
Developed Characters

My email is annaswanson48@gmail.com so just email me the excerpt/short story and a summary and I'll critique it within one week. :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What do you think?

Here are some covers that I made for my new book series 'The Dancers' which one do you like? Just say the number. Yes they're numbered.
Number 1

Number 3

Number 2

Ello' Mates!

So I just got home from school and want to tell you about what happened yesterday (very creepy). Here's the story, yes it's true.
My dad and I were at the grocery store and we were near the shrimp/seafood isle. All of a sudden we smell my Grandma's perfume (she's dead and there were no old ladies around). We both looked at each other and at the same time we both said 'Grandma's perfume'. By the way, my Grandma loved shrimp and the day before yesterday was the day she died. I swear I didn't make this up and we were both freaked out. I love my grandma and grandpa. :)

Okay, so yea that happened and boy was it disturbing. I'm really happy though because I guess in a sense I "Communicated with the dead". Oh and something else exciting happened. I'm going into a Pre-Pointe class!!!!! SQUEEE!!! That's the level before Pointe, but I might have to take it for another half a year for next year (school year sort of). I might post a video on youtube of me dancing, just a simple combination at the barre so people can critique me. I would really appreciate it if you did that, I'll tell you when I post it. :) Alright, I think that's it for today. Oh and my BFF's birthday was yesterday. :)
Have a great day,

P.S. Here is the cover for 'The Dancers' just like I promised, and I used Photoscape which is a free program. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Wattpad account!!

I just got a Wattpad account and I've already posted two things up there. But both of the submissions are just excerpts.
You can find me here: http://www.wattpad.com/user/annaswanson48
Be sure to vote and comment! Well anyway, if ANYONE and I mean ANYONE wants to have a a word war with me, then feel free to notify me. :)
I just really want to write, and that's the only way I can write is by being challenged by someone else and forcing me to try and be the winner. Yea, I'm competitive.
Well, here is my awesome cover I made for 'The Dancers'.
~Will upload pic soon~
Thanks for everyone for following me! Now add my books to your Wattpad library and vote!! :)
Se y'all later,

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I went shopping yesterday and it was awesome! I went to H&M and Forever 21, I bought some shirts, and sweaters. They're really nice but I like my plain purple t-shirt the best. :)
Okay, well I should really get started on my project that's due on Thursday. . .but I think I'll write instead. Hehehehehehe.  The project is really stupid and I don't even get why we have to do it!
Anna :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Plot Bunnies 4

Sweet! It’s issue four of Plot bunnies, almost numero cinco! Squee! Well here you are, and I really need people to reply to the opinions, jeez. Come one and send in YOUR opinion, please, thanks for subscribing! I only got one opinion, so I won’t do it this issue. I’m creating a new column called ‘The Excerpt’. It’s where I take an excerpt from my novel, or you can submit an excerpt from your novel. You don’t have to
~Don’t just stick to writing novels, write poetry, screen plays, movies, tv shows, biographies, etc!
~Buy your self a notebook for each of your novels, three subjects works well, and two subject also do too. Section one will be for characters, section two for the outline, and section three for ideas. You can do what ever with the notebook!
~Beg your parents(or buy one yourself) for an iPod touch. They are so handy, and I’m able to write on mine and play my NCIS game. J
~If your fingers get cold when you write or type, well fingerless gloves will do the trick.
~Hurrah for the computer, outlining made easy using different programs!

~Listen to your gut, if something seems untrue then don’t go with it.
~Yahoo answers is here to help with all of your noveling questions!
~If you would like you can always use a notebook for all of your research and then make a table of content for all of your info in the front.
~Use a word document to take notes, if you don’t want to use a notebook.
So right now at the spur of the moment decided to host another contest, last time we only got three entries, we need more. This time it will be a romance and/or sc-fi aliens. You can write about romance, aliens, or both! This is your time to shine in the newsletter and on my blog!
Winning contest entry from 12-31-2010 contest:
Writer_Gurl: Despite all my reputation makes me out to be, I’ll have you know that I’m not the bad guy. I’m not a Grim reaper with a hood and a scythe. I’m only grim sometimes, as we all are, I reap nothing, I don’t recall ever wearing a hood in my many years, and a scythe would be pointless when you do so well killing yourselves.
I am the Angel of Death. Just as much an Angel as my brothers and sisters. As much an Angel as the Angel of Life, present at births to guide soul to body--be it human or other animals. And then there’s me—present at deaths of all animals. But only humans blame me for death. I am not the thing itself, I merely represent it. You always want someone to blame for your demises, and I’ve become the scapegoat. I don’t think that’s fair—if you need someone to take responsibility, blame yourselves. Yet you, humans, tend to fear me, think of me as a creature of evil and darkness. Well, the latter is true, but I assure you that I am not evil.
Evil and shadows are not the same thing. Evil requires strong emotions: rage, hatred, sometimes ambition, determination. The shadows that I am a part of cannot seem to hold any emotion at all. Yes, I get angry and sad and happy and the plethora of others that humans can harbor so well, but never very strongly, and never for very long. I am stuck in an endless state of apathy—I only know what I am missing from watching others, especially Life, especially humans, and the constant array of emotions you all hold. I have none of that, sheltered in that in-between place, the gap between life and the afterlife.
You humans should count yourselves lucky—you only enter this place once, and only briefly, before I pull you out. That’s my job—sending you on the right track, rescuing you in that moment when you are neither human nor spirit and start to sink into nothingness. Without me, you’d all be lost.
You’d think I’d get a little more appreciation.
But it’s not a hard thing to do, only a tedious one. I suppose I’m the perfect man for the job, emotionless enough to be content with the routine of it, empathetic enough to want to save you all from my fate. I’ve told you before, I’m not the bad guy. I want to help.
I am a little strict with so-called ‘second chances’. It’s my policy to never return a spirit to life if they ask for it outright--ingratitude coupled with coveting what should never be theirs again? No, that just won’t do. Most spirits go quietly on their way, but others get downright stubborn about another chance at life—I could give you names. I wonder how many you’d recognize?
It’s not like I never bring a person back to life. It’s happened only a handful of times, when I felt a human deserved or needed it. Never has another animal wanted more life than he or she was given. Never have I felt a need to grant it to them—it’s much smarter to follow the natural order of things, isn’t it?
Though I’m one to talk. Even with all my saying that I’m not the bad guy, I have to admit that I cheat a little. Sometimes the ever-present nothingness in my soul gets to be a little too much, a little too depressing. At these times, I do something I’m not entirely proud of. When another one of you (for a human consciousness is the closest to mine) is dying, I slip into your minds; then as such I steal a moment of your life, and your dying breath is mine. They say it is terrible to be ‘taken into Death’s cold hands’ like that, and I’m truly sorry. But sometimes the temptation to experience what I shouldn’t is too much. That’s something you, as a human, will surely understand.
(And, since you always seem so curious, I will tell you what I look like; I confess I’ll enjoy putting to rest theories of a skeleton or a man as old as the ages—though I assure you, I am. There isn’t really much to say—my features seem to reflect the emptiness within. I am tall, looking to be in my mid-twenties. My skin is pale and my hair is black, as are my eyes. Some say I carry an aura of power, and I believe and hope that to be true. But others say that they feel my apathy is only on the surface, with something powerful stirring underneath. These people are wrong. There is nothing underneath.
Remember that when you meet me, and count yourselves lucky.)

    When you think of vampires you think of Bella Lugosi, or Twilight, or the horror shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No one ever thinks of vampires these days, or the vampire bats. You probably wonder why they’re called vampire bats. Did ya see the word vampire in there? They’re vampires, duh. When they bite a human like me, poof, we’re one of them, a vampire I mean. The vampires think that it’s an honor to be changed in a vampire bat, but that’s stupid. Who wants to be a bat? Well not me!

    “Excuse me Miss. Freedman did you hear what I said?” Mr. Green asked from his desk where he was explaining the project.
    “Yes, I did.” I smiled and titled my head with hint of sarcasm emanating from me. Mr. Green glared at me but continued to talk excessively about the project. I (of  course) ignored him and continued picking at my scraggly cuticles that I had tried to chew off but failed. All of a sudden Mr. Green sighed and pointed to the door.
    “See you tomorrow.” I fist punched the air, grabbed all of my junk, and hurried out the door almost crashing into Ashlyn.

Wanna submit an excerpt? Then submit one using this form:
Username/Pen name:
Short Bio of yourself:
Excerpt (no more than 800 words!):

You must also use this for contests and when you submit an excerpt it will be automatically be entered in a contest!

http://annaswanson.blogspot.com/2011/01/cursed-outline.html : How to outline.
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AmiFIZzvfZtnXUjwXge8yDkjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20101021094737AAAkCei : How to stay motivated when writing.

Friday, January 14, 2011


In early January I took an essay writing test and I got a one hundred!!!!! :) :) :D
I'm psyched, I mean like super duper excited. I wrote about Micheal Jackson and how he should be put on a postage stamp. The topic was who would you put on a stamp and why. It was easy and took me two hours which was the most time you could take.
Tony, my fishy, is doing well. I think he got a bit more plump. . .while my little beagle(the youngest of the two) has gotten slimmer (she use to be quite fat). My other beagle the oldest who's ten, is much bigger than we got her(she was skin and bones basically). Wow I spelled 'basically' right without spell check! Congrats me. Well I guess I have to go relax, and plan my weekend. Oh and by the way yet again I outlined five more chapters using the Spiral Note-card Colored Outline, and it was for a different novel!
PLOT BUNNIES WILL BE OUT ON SATURDAY.  I know you're waiting for it, but I have to do some stuff for it first. Thanks!

Buh-bye now,
Anna :P

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Planning and hoping

For those of you who don't know what the Spiral Note-card Colored Outline is, it's an outlining method using a little spiral note card thingy. I've been taking mine to school and outlining while we aren't doing anything, just using my spare time alone, at school, I've briefly outlined five chapters of my next book!! It's about this girl that moves to Alaska and I just thought of another book where whenever the girl closes her eyes she has like visions, she can blink though and can hardly ever fall asleep.
Sorry, I have to go finish my math homework and fill out some forms. *Groan* Well, see ya'll later!! Plot Bunnies will be out on SATURDAY, not Friday because I have to start all of my projects and junk.
Anna :P

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Run away!

NNNNNOOOOOOO!!! I'm getting my flu shot today, but it's the flu mist that goes in my nose soooooo it's still uncomfortable. I hate shots, I hate needles, I hate doctors.
Update: 5:58 PM
Okay, it wasn't too bad. My dad got me some coffee after wards for not being squirmy, squeamish, or refusing the nose shot thingy. Thinking of starting a small business, it's been on my mind recently.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I wonder what's for dinner, probably soup because my parents just got their crowns(teeth things) replaced. Boo, I don't want soup! That's enough ranting for now, hopefully we'll have a two hour delay tomorrow!! :)
If we do I'll blog a lot about my new novel,

How does your car catch on fire during a snow storm?

I was watching the news and they were talking about how this person's car caught on fire in the middle of a snow storm and I was like: 'Whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?' It was hilarious.
I heard about the Congresswoman getting shot after it happened and I just want to say that is just horrible. Who would shoot that beautiful, smart woman in the head? And a nine year old girl too?! Okay, that guy had a problem. Who didn't report him to the police before hand?
Since I don't want to end on a sour note here I wrote two sentences using some words from history class.
  1. The country showed nationalism after the attempted assassination of the Congresswoman.
  2. Our militarism has increased ever since 9/11.
Alright, well I guess bye-bye until tomorrow! By the way, I'm not even half way done with my January novel, but  I'm trying to work on it, I've been really busy this week.


I'm psyched for my ballet audition in March! I'm auditioning for a Summer Intensive for ballet, and I'm really excited. So I'll be posting a video of me dancing possibly on youtube, then on here.
Any way I'm doing a choreography for Scarborough fair, but I don't know how that will go. Sorry for the insanely short post, let's hope for a snow day tomorrow!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

By the way. . .

If you ever need a young adult novel critiqued, well then I'm your girl! Also if you need help then just Pm me on the nanowrimo young writer's site, I'm McGeek. Or you can email me at annaswnason48@gmail.com
Just email me any of your writing questions and I'll post my response on my blog and maybe in the Plot Bunnies newsletter. Oh, and by the way you can post your question in the comment area for this post.

The Cursed Outline

Outlining is one of the hardest things for a writer to do besides getting published. Although outlining is option I highly recommend it because it allows you to see where your novel is going, you can procrastinate, and it also allows you to practice writing.  How ever there are some down sides to outlining. Outlining takes up time, can become confusing, and trying to write short descriptions of each chapter can be hard (because you want to actually write that chapter instead of outline it). You should try to outline at LEAST one novel in your writing career and/or hobby. Now onto the actual process of the outline.

As many people say 'Writing can not be taught', that is very true for outlining too. Outlining can not be taught! This entry is to be used as a guide, not a rule book. There are many ways to outline. You can use note cards, the snowflake method, roman numeral method, and many other methods. I prefer to use the note-card method, but I will also describe the other methods as well in this entry(or in a different entry).

The note-card method
Note cards (duh!)
You imagination
First things first is think about what your novel is going to be about. You can't begin outlining if you don't have a good idea of what you novel will be about!
Fish out some note-cards. Label them 'Chapter 1' 'Chapter 2' 'Chapter 3' etc. Then label one of them 'Plot' and 'Back cover'.
Pick out the 'plot' note-card and write the basic plot down. So here is mine: 'Girl gets mixed up in her mom's spying activities, which leads to her meeting her father who she's never met.'  Okay, done with the 'plot' card, now don't touch it. Now pick up the 'Chapter 1' card, and write what you would like to happen in chapter one. Then do that for all of the chapters.
Okay, did you get that done? Now pick up the 'Back Cover' card, and write what you think would go on the back cover of your book. Be creative!! :)
Snowflake method
I admit, I don't know much about the snowflake method so
here is the link to the website:  http://www.advancedfictionwriting.com/art/snowflake.php
Roman Numeral Method
This is probably the most straight forward way to outline, and I like this way of outlining a lot. The easiest way to do this is to go onto Microsoft Works/Word, and open a new document. If you're lazy like me then here is the website: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/results.aspx?qu=outline#ai:TC030004042|
There's the template, once you download it you can fix it to your liking. For those of you who don't or can't download it then, just try and do that by manually typing it in like this:
Chapter 1
A. Girl comes home from school.
B. She finds paper stuffed in her backpack
C. It's a stalker note.

And do that for every chapter, and then you have your outline!

Spiral Note-card Colored Outline
Oxford Assorted Rainbow Spiral 50 Ruled index cards 4" x 6"
Okay, so there are five sections. . .you did get the right ones, right? Each section or color stands for one topic. So yellow will be for characters, purple: chapter outlines, green: ideas, pink: prompts, blue: research. You can edit these to suit your needs. I got the idea from here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhQay_B5LSY76I8m5Y5JMrojzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20101204141235AAwIdwu
So now you just have to develop the character and chapter outlines, which is pretty easy. For the chapter outlines you just write down brief descriptions of each chapter and what happens in that chapter.

Okay, well there ya go! Hope you really liked it. The Spiral Note-card colored outline is my original idea, and you may say that you have used it but do not claim the idea as your own!! Thanks!
Anna :P

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Outlining my novel

Yes okay okay stop bugging me about it! I haven't been able to start outlining my novel because I haven't had any time and I am still recovering from my battle against Mr. Flu, Piggy Flu, and Mrs. Strep. Yea. . . I decided to give them names. Yesterday I stayed home because of how tired I was and I had a fever. As I said before I had a reason to stay home! It says in our handbook for the county that 'Parents must keep their child home if. . . they have a fever.'
So there! Okay, well I'm going out for my birthday dinner, after I finish outlining.
Okay, and uhm I'm going to post an entry on here very soon about outlining and how I outline.
Well see y'all later,
Anna :P
P.S. I'm fine now.
P.P.S I found this cool publisher that looks very good, check them out here:  http://www.milkweed.org/

Friday, January 7, 2011


    Hey everyone, my birthday was yesterday. Happy b-day to me, happy b-day to me lalalalalalalalalala lalalala. J
Okay, here’s the issue and my blog’s link: http://annaswanson.blogspot.com/

~Write what you know and research what you don’t. The thing is you know what you don’t know. I think that has a double meaning. . .
~ Sometimes, you can cure writer’s block by actually writing! Amazing!
~ Look at other author’s work, evaluate their style of writing. What do they do differently than you? Why?
~Sometimes taking a break from writing is a good thing, unless you’re doing Nanowrimo.
~ Eat the left over candy canes, mint stimulates your brain. Yummy!!

~ If you are writing about a true disaster(or something like that) then research for survivor accounts. I met one of the last holocaust survivors and got his autograph just last year!
~ Sometimes research is required, and if you can’t find it online look in a book.
~ If you’re looking up something about the army or something like that, the U.S. has sites that are for that certain group. Like the Navy, Army, Air forces, etc.
~ Sometimes it’s helpful to go online, copy and paste the info onto a word document, cut out the stuff that you don’t want, and then
Great prompt!!
A good clothing store for when you’re doing research for a book that you’re writing like the Clique. It’s very expensive.
A really strange website about ‘real vampires’ that actually ‘drink blood’. The people there are weird, but it does have some info about vampires for your novel!

What is your novel about? Why?
Sparkle_167: Well, my novel's about a girl, waking up with no memories and then, she well, have to go on some sort of quest to get her memories back.
It's kinda boring.
But yeah, that's the main idea.
As for where I got the idea, I'm not sure.
It just came to me I guess...
Kpaws99: spies, and because i know a lot about them.
MidnightFlame: My other novel(not my nano one) is about a girl who basically questions life - she then gets caught up in a load of murders and the only way to stop it is to visit the world of the dead. I basically chose to write about it and came up with the idea from myself. I always think to much and ask impossible questions, which is just like the main character(Ericah) in the novel.

Next week’s opinion: What does the color blue mean to you? Why?

We had lots of submissions and our wonderful judge MidnightFlame told me to put all of the submission into the newsletter! The winning one will be the first one featured and then the two others will be featured in the fourth issue. So here is the winning story by Dcgirl4ever!!
Here is the story:

The Space in Between
Every night, a zombie stands across my yard and stares through my bedroom window. I stand there on the other side of the glass, safe inside my room, staring back, crying.
I don't believe all zombies are bad. In fact, I believe the majority of them are just misunderstood. Still, ever since the virus spread from Europe all over the world nearly ten years ago, people have been calling them monsters. Undead creatures that don't deserve to be treated as humans. But I think otherwise.
It actually took the virus a long time to get to this part of the country. The zombies only began popping up about eight months ago. Life was so simple before all that began. I remember lying on the beach with my first and only love, Jamie Lucero, letting the sun tan our skin and the waves lap up on our feet. We'd press out palms together and he'd tell me that the reason people had spaces in between their fingers was so someone else could fill them—cheesy line, I know, he probably read it online somewhere, but it made me smile.
We were wild and carefree; it was the summer before our senior year, and we were determined to make this one count. But the summer I thought I would remember forever was ripped away from me the moment the virus hit our town and claimed its first victim. After that, things were never the same—not for me, not for anyone.
I feel like the rain falls more often these days. I visit the ocean alone now. I'm graduating in the spring and have plans to attend our local community college for a nursing degree, but it's hard, seeing the looks on the faces of my former friends who I grew apart from in the weeks after the initial attacks and knowing those looks of pity are directed toward me. I look down at my hands and see the space in between my fingers and there's nothing but a big gap there, a void that mirrors the one in my heart.
When the first attack happened, I didn't know what was going on. It was late that summer, and Jamie and I had been hanging out at the beach, playing a little volleyball with a few friends. Back then, it had been just one zombie. He ran across the crowded beach, through the screaming crowd, going right for me. I don't know why I was chosen to be the one he attacked, but I was. I'd seen them on TV, in magazines, online, but to see one in person...
The smell was putrid, the skin was rotten, but it was those dead eyes that gave it away, those eyes that told me that person shouldn't be alive, but there they were, coming right at me, single snaggletooth out. Being bitten is one of several ways to get the virus transferred to you. I knew I was a goner.
Then, suddenly, I felt two strong hands grab me and shove me out of the way. A voice whispered in my ear, "I love you, Meg," as I fell. On the ground, face-down and spitting sand, I heard horrified screams and cries but I still didn't know what was going on until I reached for the hand that wasn't there.
Now, as I lie in bed and stare at the ceiling, I think about how the doctors worked so hard to save him. He hadn't just been attacked—Jamie was mauled by that zombie. That should have been me. That would have been me if he hadn't saved my life by pushing me out of the way and making himself a direct target for the hungry creature.
It should have been me who was attacked. It should have been me who died. It should have been me who came back.
I know I should think of them as monsters, as villains, as the things that destroyed my life. But I can't. Because now...now he's one of them. It's hard for me to imagine the only boy I've ever loved as some sort of soulless creature.
I know he's there. I can feel his empty eyes burning holes through my curtains. So I get up one more time, open them, pull up the blinds so there's nothing between us but a piece of glass and a wide stretch of yard, and I watch him watching me.
My therapist says it's not good for me to do this. She says it would be better for me to forget the horrible incident on the beach between the mystery zombie and Jamie and I, says I need to stop staring at him across the yard wondering what he's thinking—if he's even thinking anything at all—and that I need to find something more productive to do with my time.
I press my palm up against the window and try to will him over to me with nothing but my eyes. I wonder if he can tell what I want him to do. For the past eight months, there's only been one thing I've wanted, but he won't allow it to happen. He just stands in that one place and stares until the sun comes up, when he disappears into the dense forest behind my house with his zombie friends.
"Please," I whisper. "I need to know. I need to know if you feel anything at all."
I heard once on some talk show that there are some zombies who can still grasp a few powerful human emotions—love being one of them. I hope he can see the love in my expression. It's the only way I know to communicate with him. Although I'm a zombie advocate, I know his fellow undead companions are also watching me from behind the trees—if I went outside, I could be attacked, and then who would save me?
Out in the night, I think I see him shift slightly, but I can't be sure. God, if my parents catch me doing this, they'll kill me—they're both one-hundred percent anti-zombie.
And then, there he is, not as fast as one of the Runners we saw on the beach but faster than a lot of zombies I've seen—he's only feet from the window, staring back at me from the darkness.
I see my reflection in the glass, and it gives me the illusion that I'm out there with him. Maybe that's where I belong. If everything went as it was supposed to, that would have been me out there, as it should have been. It should have been anyone else, anyone else but him.
A tear trickles down my cheek. I want so badly what I can't have. And now, I think, he recognizes it. Maybe something clicks in my that zombie brain of his, but there's a sudden clarity in my boyfriend's expression. Although he can't speak, his own eyes seem to say I understand.
For a moment, the love I feel for Jamie Lucero is enough to bridge the gap between life and death as he slowly shuffles over to the window and presses his hand against the cold glass. We'll never be on the same side of the window again. But with our hands pressed together, separated by only a pane of glass, I know the space in between us has never been so short in the eight months since he saved my life.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's my Birthday oh it's my birthday

Okay so here is how my day has been so far:
Had a sub for history
Science teacher and everyone there said happy b-day (none of the boys said happy b-day just to show how rude they can be)
Went to English everyone said happy b-day (like five people didn't)
Went to gym,
Got insulted by my friend from first grade(who I dislike)
Got rejected for playing volleyball (I'm good a volleyball!!) because some of the players on the team wanted to practice
Dropped my binder and books in the middle of the hall and NO NO NO NO one helped me they just ignored the fact I dropped my books splat in the middle of the hall
Went to Spanish
Did Oral report which went well, I think I got a ninety
Went to math
Finished board game for math
Got present from BFF!!
Went home
Boring, and I hated it. :( But now I get to write, and do what little homework I have and then go to ballet but I don't want to go to ballet because I'm TTTTTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD.
Okay, sorry for that but that's how I feel right now, sluggish. . . *slaps back of head* I'm up and I need a Caf-Pow (from NCIS). :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ehma gawd my B-day is tomorrow!

Hi everyone, Anna here. Ma birthday is tomorrow y'all! I'm turning thirteen and boy am I happy! If you don't already know I have this huge dream to go to the United States Naval Academy and serve in the Navy until I retire or become a famous author, which ever comes first. Now I'm one year closer to that! Okay, well I'm going back to enjoying my no homework Wednesday due to everyone in the school having a nonfiction writing test that will be graded. It was really easy and I wrote about Michael Jackson. I can never spell the name Michael right I always spell it Micheal or Mickal or something really funny. . . anyway I have to go and get writing my January novel, and I finally came up with a good plot and characters so I'll see you all tomorrow on my b-day. I would really appreciate it if you say hi and comment on this post. :)
Love all of my followers,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy B-day mom!! :)

Happy B-day mom. I love ya, :)

Here is what I think of my character for my new book that's a bit creepy:

I love my character, Stella Freedman like a sister. She's funny, witty, and a bit to outgoing which usually gets her in trouble. I feel a bit bad that I turned her into a vampire. . .but she'll learn to adapt soon!
Here is Tony all blown up bad joke yes. If you have a male beta fish, and you want to make him do this, all you have to do is put a small mirror in front of him.

 Just telling you I'll TRY to post an excerpt from my January Novel, it's called Moonlit Summers, I SUPER SUPER SUPER excited about it. But I only have five hundred words so far. My goal for the month is thirty thousand.
Bye bye everyone, see ya soon,
Anna :)
P.S. Happy birthday again mom!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank guys!

Someone just made a birthday forum post just for me!
Right there: http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/node/858067
Thank you Elly_Girl!! :) :)
Well my b-day is January 6 and I'm so freakin excited. Well I'm off to plan my essay about 'An invention that changed my life'. Well what is it you may ask. The invention that changed my life was an Ipod touch. Boring right? I have to take my writing exam on Wednesday so we're preparing for that, and I have my Spanish exam too, we have to write, listen, and *gulp* speak. I don't like speaking and I messed up today, it was soooooooooooo embarrassing. Alright I have to go to Ballet, see ya. :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm almost done with the book I have to read for English class, I'm on page 250 out of 516!! Sssqqqqquuuuueee!! :)
Okay well yea. . . .onto the news that I have to bring.
I got a Betta fish named 'Very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo'. He's from NCIS, maybe next time you see my fishy he'll be wearing his NCIS hat. Lol. Okay, well I'm off to study and do my homework. **GROAN**
Bye guys,
P.S. I'll post an excerpt of my upcoming story soon. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New sections for the newsleter

Hey guys, I decided to add two new sections. . .but I need YOUR help with them. :)
So here they are:
Interviews with nanowrimo participants
Your Publishing stories and tips

Now for the interviews you just need AT LEAST five questions, two of which you need to make them think. You also need to have their pen name or username, and their grade level.
For your publishing stories you must have your pen name or username, grade level, publisher, what you got published, and where you can find the published item.
For the publishing tips you can submit one or two.
Thank you so much to all of the subscribers, now let's try and hit the twenty subscribers mark!!
*Be sure to enter the contest, there is a forum topic in middle school, elementary school, high school, and home school.*
Please email them to me(comment here and supply your email!) or visit one of the forum posts if you are a member on the site!

Whoooo fifteen subscribers!

On the nanowrimo site I have around fifteen subscribers to my newsletter! If you are a part of the young writer's nanowrimo site then please subscribe here:http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/node/856261
Or here: http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/node/855632
Or just PM me (McGeek).
Okay, well here's something else I wanted to tell you.

To celebrate the new year, I decided to host a contest! So, the contest is who has the best writing skills, who is the most creative, and who has the best characters/plot. It will be featured in the third issue of Plot Bunnies and on my Blog in a special section that I have created just for contests and their winners, so you have exactly a week to work on it.
You can submit an excerpt, a short story, a poem, or maybe even a song. Please have it no longer than two thousand words. Good luck to all! I can’t wait to read them.
The prize is being featured in the next issue and having your submission put on my blog. Cool right?
***YOU CAN ONLY PM ME THE SUBMISSION*** If you post it here, you will not be accepted, how ever you may notify me right here that you have sent in a submission.  If you are not a member on the site then just fill out this form and email me. Please comment and ask for my email because I will not give it out unless you do so.
First name or username:
Age(only young writer's age 10-17):
Your email:
Thank you very much!