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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Plot Bunnies 6

It’s Plot Bunnies number six everyone! Whoo hoo whooo!! Okay, sorry about that, but I just had to do that. J By the way, I took the researching tips section away and replaced it with writing prompts.
 **To celebrate I have a spot open for anyone and everyone, all you have to do is write a nonfiction article on writing. If you don’t want to write a short (less than 800 words) article then you can create writing tips, researching tips, or how to write a better novel. The winner will have a permanent spot helping the newsletter, and will get to write short articles, and/or tips for writing in the newsletter. They will get credit on my blog and on the newsletter! Good luck, and the form is at the bottom of the newsletter. This spot will be open until February 12 2011.**

{1}Paint pictures with your writing, not a paintbrush
{2}Write about what you know or even want to know
{3}Use the correct tense, I mean really it isn’t that hard. It annoys many people when they read your writing.
{4}Post some of your stories on watt pad! I have an account on there. J

{1}Make your character act like a chicken.
{2}Take your favorite episode of your favorite TV show and turn it around. Make it even more interesting than before.
{3}Write a short story to describe your character so you can get to know them better.
{4}Be sure to complete forms for your characters and new species. Make the form longer than necessary.
{5}Keep you character's journal, almost like your own. . .only from your character's point of view.
{6}Name your character Kipp, see how his name affects his behavior, personality, and social life.
{7} Take some sponge bob characters and turn them into humans.

Hey everyone, this is just a survey for you guys, so that I know what to include and what to trash in the newsletter. Here are just a few simple questions for you guys. The newsletter will become better because of you!!
{1} How can we make the newsletter better?
{2} What things should we include to make the newsletter better?
{3} What things should we put in the trash to make the newsletter better?
{4} Would you recommend this newsletter to friends?
{5} Should we include Nanowriters biographies and interviews?
{6} Is there anything else you wanna say? LINKS
My new RP, I’m still posting stuff so it might look a bit funny. Please join!!
A great site for when you’re stuck!
A great site when you need to find out how to do something.
A good RP, they aren’t very active right now though.

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