I unfortunatly will not be blogging as much this November due to NANOWRIMO.
I'll probably post once a week,
and maybe a live blogging post here and there.
Hope to see you all on the YWP Nano site! Ciao!
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy Chic?

My mom has been getting these weird texts from this lady who thinks that my mom is her ex-husband because of where we live. . . we think anyway. We have no clue how she got our number, but this is really weird. Here is one of the texts, this is the one that made us say 'whoa'.

it has nothing 2 do with that. i just miss my kids alote but u can't see that and yes i do need some help but u don't cuz u want to see me with nothing

Now what the heck?! My mom didn't even text her back! So, what's up with this?!
BTW, only six days until the Sulva book signing and until my trip to Asheville! Every day in Ashevile/Myrtle Beach, I'll post a short post with a possible picture attatched, that will probably come with a prompt. Lovely, right?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Picking a Plot. . .what should happen?!

Alright, so I have the characters and a setting, but the plot is completely fuzzy. Basically, it's like gossip girl (I've never watched or read the series), only the people are not as messed up. . .sure they have scandals and stuff, but not as dramatic as gossip girl. It would more focus on the MC's struggle to fit in at the boarding school more than the scandals. . . The problem is, I don't know what should happen. I'm not asking for a plot, I'm just asking for a problem for my character.
I have two plots, the fuzzy one above, and a somewhat planned out historical YA novel. So, the historical YA book is about a twenty year old British girl named Evelyn goes to America and meets Kathleen, a full blown flapper (this is set in the 1920's). They become best friends, Evelyn goes back to Britain, and then Kathleen finds them both jobs. The thing is, the jobs are at a circus where when you sign the contract you become immortal and are stuck in the circus forever. So which plot should I choose?


Promptly Saturday (1)


What is it?
Promptly Saturday is where I post a few writing prompts, both pictures and starting lines.

Where is it?
Right here on my blog! Technically, for the picture prompts, they are all around my town. One of the pics today is actually from across town!

Who is it?
It's not. . .really anyone. There are no pictures of anyone for the prompts. *shrugs*

How is it done?
When I go around town, I'll take pictures of stuff that tells a story. Such as the prompts today!

When is it?
You have to ask? It's on Saturday! DUH.

Now here are the prompts for today!
I saw this and that sparked this idea of Promptly Saturday! So, what's this guy's story?

Someone randomly texted my mom, and I took a picture of the text. So, what's wrong with this guy's car?!

What about this? So who shot it up and who put flowers in it?

Monday, July 25, 2011

My contest submission and something else.

Yes, I just posted a post like two hours ago, but here's another post! XD

No. 19

Ariadne tore down her black yoga pants revealing her pristine baby pink tights and then dropped her light gray sweater into her bag. Scooting it to the side she sat down on the bench next to the window. Bright, midmorning sunlight poured into the room, illuminating the Marley flooring and bouncing off of the mirrors in Studio Ten across from the bench where she sat. Ariadne (otherwise known as Aria to her friends) enjoyed every minute spent in the Dresden Dance Studio.
The combination of sweat, rosin, and Chanel No. 19 wafted up her nose and comforted her. She ran away to the dance studio whenever her parents were fighting. Everything about the dance studio calmed her. Form the glowing floors basked in sunlight to Penelope, the fiery haired woman who seemed to always lurk in the studio because she worked the front desk.
After finally slipping on her Pointe shoes, she stuffed her bag underneath the seat and delicately skipped into Studio Five. She looked up only to see a girl, doing pirouettes in center.
"Hi!" She smiled and the girl stopped, and turned to her. Her flowing blonde hair was securely tied up in a bun and her blue eyes seemed to burn a hole in Ariadne's head. They both blinked, and when Ariadne opened her eyes the girl was gone, only a small, tightly fitting black cardigan sat where she once stood. Ariadne shook her head, picked the cardigan up and the name on the tag read 'Coco'. She then carefully sniffed the sweater because of the odd, comforting smell in the room. Chanel No. 19 lingered on the sweater.

Do ya like it? It's my entry for ;; http://blog.lettersandlight.org/post/7852350546
And I'll be posting another short story soon on wattpad, and you can check it out soon!

They're. . .blue?

How did you know my eyes where blue?!
<3 Ezra <3

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Butt hugging shorts are NOT attractive

This post is about booty shorts. . .they're shorts that hug your butt. Personally, I think that it screams 'Why don't ya just take of my shorts because they barely cover my undies?!'
My friend was wearing them last night. . .they didn't look really good on her.
Any way, people that wear boy-short undies would have their undies seen if they wore those short shorts. I almost guarantee you that you would see part of their undies. XD Hey, it's only true people!!!
Picture of boyshorts
Picture of butt hugging shorts
The short shorts are usually much shorter because those marketers are crazy, nuts, and everything in between.

So what are your opinions on short shorts aka butt hugging shorts. BTW I don't really think that butts like to be hugged THAT much. Give me your opinions peoples, and I'll pick the best one (if there is more than one) and post it on the next blog post.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Live Blogging #3 and a note

Okay, so first of all, I'm shutting my critique group TSWATWCG down because no one does much in it and no one really reads my PMs or the calender. -_-
Second of all, my mom's job is going great. . .except that one of her coworkers in her office is very sick, so we're visiting her today. BTW, she's in a lot of pain and can't move that much. So, I need some ideas on how to brighten her day up. My mom and I are thinking of running errands for her and getting her tons of stuff to do. . . What do you think? Opinions? Any one. . .

Onto my live blogging post!!

11:06 AM
I start blogging! Fun. Epic.

11:07 AM
I try and figure out the shortcut for the 'strike through' thingie. Ctrl + t = New tab!

11:09 AM
I decide to google the strike through shortcut. . .there is no such thing as a short cut for that. *sigh*

11:30 AM
I find tons of funny pics!

11:37 AM
I actually begin writing. XD

11:52 AM
14,000 words! Woot!

11:55 AM
I have to go. . .such a short post but we're going to visit my mom's friend. :) Hopefully she'll smile when she sees us.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You've got to me kidding me

My local library has Hourglass by Myra McEntire and Across the Universe by Beth Revis, while my local Barnes and Noble has none of those books. THAT'S PATHETIC.
Now, beware, the picture below is extremely awesome.

Hot x900!!! He's like the sun. . .only better for you. *wink*

That's the guy who plays Ezra Fitz and he is the hottest guy on the show. . .it's true. All of the other guys are dorks with long hair or a butt chin. XD
I can so imagine me and him. . .together. . .*sigh* having *clears throat*. Sorry, day dreaming. :P He's just so dreamy! Unfortunately, NCIS is on at the same time Pretty Little Liars is on. :(

Well, I gots to go!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty Little Liars.

That is one epic series. I mean Sara Shepard is an absolute genius. I picked up the first book the other day and read it in one night, now I'm buying the second book!! Now about my books. ..
I'm super exctied because I'm going to be getting a proof copy of my newest novel Clique it. . .if I finish it in time. I skipped a few chapters and wrote the climax and I can't decide who should die. Michael or Peter. If I kill Michael, I have motive to write another book and that applies as well to killing off Peter. Now, Michael is evil, Peter is good. They are both equally hot. XD
Who shall I kill off? Well, I think it shall be both. . . but that might be too depressing for the MC because she is still blackmailing Joe. Marissa hasn't been arrested yet for hiring a hit man to kill EJ (the MC). I'm thinking just to have Peter push Michael off the cliff, but the problem is that Michael and Peter are both vampires! Would a drop from a huge cliff kill a vampire? Mmmmhhhhh. . .I don't know.

Changing subjects, I can't wait for my trip to Asheville, NC. Before we get to the hotel though, I'll be going to Myra McEntire's book signing! Beth Revis and Victoria Schwab will also be there, and I'm getting my books signed. The problem is, my stinking B&N doesn't have the books in stock! They also don't have Delirum by NY Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver. I mean, how bad is that?! AND the TEEN section is right next to the bathrooms. HOW STUPID IS THAT?! It makes it %70 easier to shoplift. -_-
These people are morons.

Okay, no onto the questions part of my super random post from my iPod.
Would you like a contest? And if so, what kind?
I'm thinking of a signed book kind, yes it would be free and the only thing you would have to do is follow my blog and mention my blog in conversations. Yes, it's that easy! I'm still working out the details, but I'm %80 positive that I will have a super epic contest up here! So, please comment about what kind of contests you'd like. Such as, signed book contests, book pack contests, book card contest, book critique contests, etc. Tell me so I can figure out what kind of contest I will hold! Thanks.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Twilight. . . a short review

**I'm thinking of posting one long post at the end of each month filled with short reviews of the books that I've read. What do ya think?**

Stephanie Meyer
Little Brown


Twilight isn't even half a star, more like no stars. It's a horrid book. Why? I'll tell you.

- - - Bella can't be called realistic no matter how hard  you try.
Bella Swan is a normal girl who has a brain the size of a pea. She's stupid, clumsy, and drools over Edward. Talk about pathetic. I mean, who falls in love with A SPARKLY VAMPIRE THAT WANTS TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD?! That's a turn off for me.
- - - Sparkly vampires are dumb.
Edward. . .I will never fall in love with him. He stalks Bella and watches her while she sleeps. Stalker much. He also wants to suck her blood because she smells good. She can't tell that that is a really bad thing.
- - - An overused plot should never be reused unless you had tons of epicness to it.
Stephanie Meyer said that one of her books was based on Pride and Prejudice, one on Romeo and Juliet, another on Withering Heights! Uh, hello, those plots are STALE Stephie.
- - - I can tell that Stephanie Meyer isn't cut out for writing.
I just hope that she doesn't sell any more crap. It's not a good thing to base a book on a dream.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Live blogging #2

I <3 live blogging!

9:21 AM
I look at my arm where I got my tuberculosis testing done. Looks clear so far!

9:22 AM
I'm hungry. . .

9:26 AM
What do ya'll think about a once a month newsletter? I  think I'm liking the idea. :)

9:35 AM
One day this huge bookcase is going to fall on me and/or my computer.

9:50 AM
I continue to type up my novel that I wrote when I was at the library yesterday. Boooorrriiinngggg.

9:51 AM
Contest. . . What kind of contests would ya'll like? By the way, I don't have much money. XD Book contests?

10:00 AM
Maybe I should do reviews on here too. . .

10:01 AM
Must. Start. Writing. *sigh*

10:15 AM
I'm at 7,620 words!How would you like occasional book review videos?

10:22 AM 
Making a vlog. XD

10:27 AM
I delete the vlog, it's not very good.

10:35 AM
I start to surf the internet. . .

11:24 AM
I must start writing!

11:48 AM
My stomach is growling at me. :P

12:00 PM
I love looking on Bloomingdale's for clothes for my charries. It's really fun.

12:02 PM
I just found out that ctrl + u = underline! And ctrl + i = italics! COOL!

12:40 PM
Yay, I just reached the 7,850 mark! I feel guilty for not writing my other story idea. :(

12:41 PM 
Going down for lunch, gosh I'm starving.

12:43 PM
My computer mouse is dead. It needs batteries, I'm going to look for them now and then eat lunch.

12:46 PM
My mouse is fixed! XD

1:05 PM
I made my lunch, I'm really hungry and it's too hot right now to eat.

1:45 PM
I'm done eating. . .now I'm going to surf the internet again.

2:29 PM
Listening to 'You will be mine' by The Pierces. It's epic.

3:10 PM
Still surfing. XD

3:22 PM
Now, I will get writing.

3:31 PM
I got a silver sharpie and I'm not afraid to use it!

3:39 PM
There is a possible contest on here, if my mom let's me ship some stuff. :P I already have an idea for the contest!

4:09 PM
I'm done with the live blog post and I'm still surfing. . .

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Ash2Nash post will be epic.

Ash2Nash. . .

Beth Revis, Myra McEntire (squee!), and Victoria Schwab. 
Beth is the author of Across the Universe, Myra of Hourglass, and Victoria of The Near Witch. I'm so excited for all of the books! They'll be a doing a book signing together along with some other authors depending on their stops.


From Asheville to Nashville! There are many stops, and I'm going to Sylva,NC!

Well there is. . .
Beth Revis
Myra McEntire
Victoria Schwab
Stephanie Perkins
Alan Grates
Rachel Hawkins
Ruta Sepetys
Julie Kagawa
Michelle Hodkin (OMG!!)

Late July and early August!

Because, these authors love their readers!

For more info::: FAQS

My live blogging post!

I think I'll do this every week this summer, like once a week I'll have one of these posts.

It's where I blog live, and then post the blog post afterwards. Basically I'm writing down everything I do that certain day. Sometimes they will be boring, but it's fun for me to write!

I don't know why it's so fun. . .it just is.

Well I got it from THIS link. It's an awesome site with totally cute backgrounds!

10:03 I started this blogging post
10:04 I just started writing. XP
10:05 I figure out that 7-eleven is giving out Slurpees. Must. . .reach. . .word count!!!!!!!
11:23 Who knew the internet could be so addicting?!
11:54(or so) Myra McEntire reasponds to one of my tweets. <3 I haven't read Hourglass yet, but still, I feel like her biggest fan. XD
12:00 I start working on my B&N 'too small teen section near the bathrooms perfect for shoplifting' protest letter. I'll post it once Mercy looks over it. Thanks Mercy!
12:05 I find a beautiful new background for my blog and twitter page, I immediately put them on.
12:28 Finish watching kiddy shows and go down stairs to eat. Nom nom.
12:33 I come back upstairs and realize I only added 600 words to my novel today. *sigh*
12:35 Another novel idea creeps into my mind about a Goth British detective. It's an epic idea. . .don't laugh.
12:40 Sigh about how I don't have a copy of Hourglass yet.
12:42 The cat I want is still at the local SPCA. :( I NEED HER.

12:46 Who bids $55 for a critique?! Really?!
12:48 Is okay for BFFs to say "I love you" in a family sister sister way? I made my charries. . . Is it okay though or too weird?
12:55 Just realized that my Tuberculosis testing is on Wednesday. It has a needle. :(
12:58 Maybe I should clean my desk . . .
1:05 (PM) 905 words in chapter five of my latest novel, CLIQUE IT.
1:11 I realize that I don't know what's going to happen in Sylva, NC at Ms. McEntire's signing/discussion. . . 
1:17 I feel stupid for not knowing what happens at a book signing, well I've never been to one soooo. . . What happens at one?!
1:34 Done with lunch
1:46 Almost at the 7,000 mark!
1:55 I almost stepped on my dogs head. :/  She's sitting right next to my rollie chair. XD
1:56 I just found an adorable picture. ^^^^
1:57 Still loving my awesome typewriter and handwriting fonts!!
1:58 I am done doing this live blogging, I can't focus!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


That is so freakin' hilarious! This is priceless. I found this on Myra McEntire's blog. The video is like the Invisilign ones and they are also very funny.

Friday, July 8, 2011

I was right!

I do have walking pneumonia again and now I have to take this medicine that tastes like cherry powdered sugar and that is not a good taste. XP Bluguh.
Well, so far in my Camp Nano novel, I have 2,000 words and that's mostly good stuff. I'm aiming for 5,000 words today.
So far for my plot, I only have a rough idea. I only know that I'm killing one of the MC's and that he knows that the other girl is dying. So, it's pretty depressing. :{ But it will be good!

Love ya,

Monday, July 4, 2011

I am almost sure I have walking pneumonia again

I have almost all of the symptoms of walking pneumonia and I'm so mad. I hate the doctor. All I want to do is go in, get my blood drawn, get another x-ray, and then go home. I don't want to go into the Dr's waiting room, sit there forever, then go into the exam room and sit in there forever, and I don't want to get tested for the flu or cold because I probably won't have that. - _ -
The thing is, I just had it two months ago and I have a camp that I'm doing (I had to write an essay for it and I get scrubs) at the local hospital and I can't be sick! Rawr.

Well, I guess I'll start working on my Camp Nanowrimo Novel!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why do I keep getting sick?!

Uhg! I get sick at least twice every year during a holiday break. Last year I got sick in December, the year before I got sick at Thanksgiving and Spring Break! *sigh* Now it's summer break and I think I have some 72 hour bug. Blaugh. I'm not throwing up though, so that's good. :)
Alright, if you've noticed I'm posting every other day (if I post Sunday, then I'll post Tuesday, and then Thursday, then Saturday, then Monday, etc etc).
I'm going to try and do Camp Nanowrimo. But I can't decide on which plot to use so I'll be roaming around the forums today. . .if my mom doesn't make me take a nap. *sigh*

Have a great day (and Fourth of July [is 'fourth' capilizied in that holiday??]),