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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Picking a Plot. . .what should happen?!

Alright, so I have the characters and a setting, but the plot is completely fuzzy. Basically, it's like gossip girl (I've never watched or read the series), only the people are not as messed up. . .sure they have scandals and stuff, but not as dramatic as gossip girl. It would more focus on the MC's struggle to fit in at the boarding school more than the scandals. . . The problem is, I don't know what should happen. I'm not asking for a plot, I'm just asking for a problem for my character.
I have two plots, the fuzzy one above, and a somewhat planned out historical YA novel. So, the historical YA book is about a twenty year old British girl named Evelyn goes to America and meets Kathleen, a full blown flapper (this is set in the 1920's). They become best friends, Evelyn goes back to Britain, and then Kathleen finds them both jobs. The thing is, the jobs are at a circus where when you sign the contract you become immortal and are stuck in the circus forever. So which plot should I choose?


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