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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Promptly Saturday (1)


What is it?
Promptly Saturday is where I post a few writing prompts, both pictures and starting lines.

Where is it?
Right here on my blog! Technically, for the picture prompts, they are all around my town. One of the pics today is actually from across town!

Who is it?
It's not. . .really anyone. There are no pictures of anyone for the prompts. *shrugs*

How is it done?
When I go around town, I'll take pictures of stuff that tells a story. Such as the prompts today!

When is it?
You have to ask? It's on Saturday! DUH.

Now here are the prompts for today!
I saw this and that sparked this idea of Promptly Saturday! So, what's this guy's story?

Someone randomly texted my mom, and I took a picture of the text. So, what's wrong with this guy's car?!

What about this? So who shot it up and who put flowers in it?

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