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Monday, July 25, 2011

My contest submission and something else.

Yes, I just posted a post like two hours ago, but here's another post! XD

No. 19

Ariadne tore down her black yoga pants revealing her pristine baby pink tights and then dropped her light gray sweater into her bag. Scooting it to the side she sat down on the bench next to the window. Bright, midmorning sunlight poured into the room, illuminating the Marley flooring and bouncing off of the mirrors in Studio Ten across from the bench where she sat. Ariadne (otherwise known as Aria to her friends) enjoyed every minute spent in the Dresden Dance Studio.
The combination of sweat, rosin, and Chanel No. 19 wafted up her nose and comforted her. She ran away to the dance studio whenever her parents were fighting. Everything about the dance studio calmed her. Form the glowing floors basked in sunlight to Penelope, the fiery haired woman who seemed to always lurk in the studio because she worked the front desk.
After finally slipping on her Pointe shoes, she stuffed her bag underneath the seat and delicately skipped into Studio Five. She looked up only to see a girl, doing pirouettes in center.
"Hi!" She smiled and the girl stopped, and turned to her. Her flowing blonde hair was securely tied up in a bun and her blue eyes seemed to burn a hole in Ariadne's head. They both blinked, and when Ariadne opened her eyes the girl was gone, only a small, tightly fitting black cardigan sat where she once stood. Ariadne shook her head, picked the cardigan up and the name on the tag read 'Coco'. She then carefully sniffed the sweater because of the odd, comforting smell in the room. Chanel No. 19 lingered on the sweater.

Do ya like it? It's my entry for ;; http://blog.lettersandlight.org/post/7852350546
And I'll be posting another short story soon on wattpad, and you can check it out soon!

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