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I'll probably post once a week,
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Monday, July 11, 2011

My live blogging post!

I think I'll do this every week this summer, like once a week I'll have one of these posts.

It's where I blog live, and then post the blog post afterwards. Basically I'm writing down everything I do that certain day. Sometimes they will be boring, but it's fun for me to write!

I don't know why it's so fun. . .it just is.

Well I got it from THIS link. It's an awesome site with totally cute backgrounds!

10:03 I started this blogging post
10:04 I just started writing. XP
10:05 I figure out that 7-eleven is giving out Slurpees. Must. . .reach. . .word count!!!!!!!
11:23 Who knew the internet could be so addicting?!
11:54(or so) Myra McEntire reasponds to one of my tweets. <3 I haven't read Hourglass yet, but still, I feel like her biggest fan. XD
12:00 I start working on my B&N 'too small teen section near the bathrooms perfect for shoplifting' protest letter. I'll post it once Mercy looks over it. Thanks Mercy!
12:05 I find a beautiful new background for my blog and twitter page, I immediately put them on.
12:28 Finish watching kiddy shows and go down stairs to eat. Nom nom.
12:33 I come back upstairs and realize I only added 600 words to my novel today. *sigh*
12:35 Another novel idea creeps into my mind about a Goth British detective. It's an epic idea. . .don't laugh.
12:40 Sigh about how I don't have a copy of Hourglass yet.
12:42 The cat I want is still at the local SPCA. :( I NEED HER.

12:46 Who bids $55 for a critique?! Really?!
12:48 Is okay for BFFs to say "I love you" in a family sister sister way? I made my charries. . . Is it okay though or too weird?
12:55 Just realized that my Tuberculosis testing is on Wednesday. It has a needle. :(
12:58 Maybe I should clean my desk . . .
1:05 (PM) 905 words in chapter five of my latest novel, CLIQUE IT.
1:11 I realize that I don't know what's going to happen in Sylva, NC at Ms. McEntire's signing/discussion. . . 
1:17 I feel stupid for not knowing what happens at a book signing, well I've never been to one soooo. . . What happens at one?!
1:34 Done with lunch
1:46 Almost at the 7,000 mark!
1:55 I almost stepped on my dogs head. :/  She's sitting right next to my rollie chair. XD
1:56 I just found an adorable picture. ^^^^
1:57 Still loving my awesome typewriter and handwriting fonts!!
1:58 I am done doing this live blogging, I can't focus!


  1. Aww, that cat is so adorable! <3

    I went to a book signing last year... Basically Eoin Colfer talked a lot about his books, and they had an actor brought in to "play" his protagonist. Then there was a Q&A, when fans went up to a mic and asked him questions. Later there was an opportunity to buy the books, then the signing. We were in line for over an hour, but he did spend a minute or two with each person. I bet they're all different depending on the author, though... You should blog about it so we can hear how it goes!

    I think the idea of "live blogging" is really neat (although I've never done it), and I love your new background.

  2. Thanks Aloha! I was thinking about holding a contest or something soon, because I've been obsessed with contests.
    I heard from my friend Mercy that you put your name on a sticky note then put it on your book and put on a table for the author to sign with other books. :/ I don't know!

  3. Well, like I said, it probably works different for everybody. For ours, when we were waiting in line an attendant came and took our names down on a sticky note. She put it on the inside cover, and when we got to Eoin, he signed based on that. That way he didn't spell your name wrong on accident :D


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