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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty Little Liars.

That is one epic series. I mean Sara Shepard is an absolute genius. I picked up the first book the other day and read it in one night, now I'm buying the second book!! Now about my books. ..
I'm super exctied because I'm going to be getting a proof copy of my newest novel Clique it. . .if I finish it in time. I skipped a few chapters and wrote the climax and I can't decide who should die. Michael or Peter. If I kill Michael, I have motive to write another book and that applies as well to killing off Peter. Now, Michael is evil, Peter is good. They are both equally hot. XD
Who shall I kill off? Well, I think it shall be both. . . but that might be too depressing for the MC because she is still blackmailing Joe. Marissa hasn't been arrested yet for hiring a hit man to kill EJ (the MC). I'm thinking just to have Peter push Michael off the cliff, but the problem is that Michael and Peter are both vampires! Would a drop from a huge cliff kill a vampire? Mmmmhhhhh. . .I don't know.

Changing subjects, I can't wait for my trip to Asheville, NC. Before we get to the hotel though, I'll be going to Myra McEntire's book signing! Beth Revis and Victoria Schwab will also be there, and I'm getting my books signed. The problem is, my stinking B&N doesn't have the books in stock! They also don't have Delirum by NY Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver. I mean, how bad is that?! AND the TEEN section is right next to the bathrooms. HOW STUPID IS THAT?! It makes it %70 easier to shoplift. -_-
These people are morons.

Okay, no onto the questions part of my super random post from my iPod.
Would you like a contest? And if so, what kind?
I'm thinking of a signed book kind, yes it would be free and the only thing you would have to do is follow my blog and mention my blog in conversations. Yes, it's that easy! I'm still working out the details, but I'm %80 positive that I will have a super epic contest up here! So, please comment about what kind of contests you'd like. Such as, signed book contests, book pack contests, book card contest, book critique contests, etc. Tell me so I can figure out what kind of contest I will hold! Thanks.


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  1. Suh-weet, have fun at the book signing! :)

    All those sound like awesome ideas for a contest. Choose which one you like best/ which is easiest, and I'm sure people will come enter regardless!


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