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Friday, July 15, 2011

Twilight. . . a short review

**I'm thinking of posting one long post at the end of each month filled with short reviews of the books that I've read. What do ya think?**

Stephanie Meyer
Little Brown


Twilight isn't even half a star, more like no stars. It's a horrid book. Why? I'll tell you.

- - - Bella can't be called realistic no matter how hard  you try.
Bella Swan is a normal girl who has a brain the size of a pea. She's stupid, clumsy, and drools over Edward. Talk about pathetic. I mean, who falls in love with A SPARKLY VAMPIRE THAT WANTS TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD?! That's a turn off for me.
- - - Sparkly vampires are dumb.
Edward. . .I will never fall in love with him. He stalks Bella and watches her while she sleeps. Stalker much. He also wants to suck her blood because she smells good. She can't tell that that is a really bad thing.
- - - An overused plot should never be reused unless you had tons of epicness to it.
Stephanie Meyer said that one of her books was based on Pride and Prejudice, one on Romeo and Juliet, another on Withering Heights! Uh, hello, those plots are STALE Stephie.
- - - I can tell that Stephanie Meyer isn't cut out for writing.
I just hope that she doesn't sell any more crap. It's not a good thing to base a book on a dream.

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