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I'll probably post once a week,
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Live blogging #2

I <3 live blogging!

9:21 AM
I look at my arm where I got my tuberculosis testing done. Looks clear so far!

9:22 AM
I'm hungry. . .

9:26 AM
What do ya'll think about a once a month newsletter? I  think I'm liking the idea. :)

9:35 AM
One day this huge bookcase is going to fall on me and/or my computer.

9:50 AM
I continue to type up my novel that I wrote when I was at the library yesterday. Boooorrriiinngggg.

9:51 AM
Contest. . . What kind of contests would ya'll like? By the way, I don't have much money. XD Book contests?

10:00 AM
Maybe I should do reviews on here too. . .

10:01 AM
Must. Start. Writing. *sigh*

10:15 AM
I'm at 7,620 words!How would you like occasional book review videos?

10:22 AM 
Making a vlog. XD

10:27 AM
I delete the vlog, it's not very good.

10:35 AM
I start to surf the internet. . .

11:24 AM
I must start writing!

11:48 AM
My stomach is growling at me. :P

12:00 PM
I love looking on Bloomingdale's for clothes for my charries. It's really fun.

12:02 PM
I just found out that ctrl + u = underline! And ctrl + i = italics! COOL!

12:40 PM
Yay, I just reached the 7,850 mark! I feel guilty for not writing my other story idea. :(

12:41 PM 
Going down for lunch, gosh I'm starving.

12:43 PM
My computer mouse is dead. It needs batteries, I'm going to look for them now and then eat lunch.

12:46 PM
My mouse is fixed! XD

1:05 PM
I made my lunch, I'm really hungry and it's too hot right now to eat.

1:45 PM
I'm done eating. . .now I'm going to surf the internet again.

2:29 PM
Listening to 'You will be mine' by The Pierces. It's epic.

3:10 PM
Still surfing. XD

3:22 PM
Now, I will get writing.

3:31 PM
I got a silver sharpie and I'm not afraid to use it!

3:39 PM
There is a possible contest on here, if my mom let's me ship some stuff. :P I already have an idea for the contest!

4:09 PM
I'm done with the live blog post and I'm still surfing. . .

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  1. I love live blogging, too! It's so interesting... and random =P I love this post.

    A contest sounds sweet as well. I've been thinking about doing something similar over at EI... the main problem, like you said, is a lack of money and the issue of shipping. Let me know how things work out and if you have any tips. Thanks! :)


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