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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


**rumble rumble** Hide! It's thunder. *hides under desk** Okay, well I'm RPing right now so, yea. **rumble** Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Okay well I guess I could post a short excerpt from my February novel, I just wrote two pages of it so I wasn't cheating!
Shoes squeaked, basketballs violently hit the backboards, and I sat on the cold metal bleachers, moping away. There was nothing to do at the House, aka the Dance Academy, aka the local dance studio that I basically lived in. At the House they had a gym, a tennis/racket ball court, and four dance studios.
I picked at my nails as I watched the boys play basketball; so boring.
"Bea over here!" I looked up and saw Maddy; my best friend on the other side of the gym waving for me to come over and sit with her. She then stood up and waved her arms so that I would see her if I couldn't see her neon green shirt. I smiled, nodded, and then scooted across the metal bleachers to the other side of the gym.
"Hi ya!" I smiled, and brushed a piece of strawberry blonde hair out of my blue eyes.
"So what happened to your sisters? I thought they would be sitting with you."
"I dunno,"
"I saw them walk into the headmistress's office." A girl's voice answered from behind me.
"What?" I asked. I mean I knew that Kate always went to the office because she picked a lot of fights, but Selene. Selene never went to the office. 

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