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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hola chicas y chicos

Hey guys, today is my last day of exams, so I'm partying! LOL. So the heater(furnace what ever you wanna call it) just broke and my poor fish is really cold, and I am too. Here is a short excerpt from one of my novels.
    A freezing breeze ruffled up my brown hair and made my eyelids flutter open. The window was open just a crack. Achoo! I had left it open all night which allowed the pollen from the magnolia trees to float  silently into my room while I had been sleeping like an angel. It was a comfortable temperature out, well comfortable for a southerner like me. An unusual feeling floated through the air, and it wasn’t just the pollen.
    “Hey Addie, wake up.” A voice from the end of my bed called out.
    “Wha?” I sat up in be and I looked around my plain, white room.
    “Yello!” Kittyman popped stuck his head out from under the sheets and twitched his nose.
    “Kittyman, that wasn’t funny!” I giggled softly as he walked up my legs and sat on the pillow next to me on the bed. He purred loudly and I stroked his fur until he decided to get up. Kittyman shook his fur and stretched, jumping off of my bed. I followed him by tossing my covers aside and running gleefully over to my dresser.
    Sunlight streamed into my room, spilling over everything. From the fish tank to the dresser, to my crappy computer sitting in the corner.
    “What’s today?” I asked him quietly. I knew that it was summer time, but not exactly what day.
    “It’s Christmas Day!” He snickered loudly. It could’ve been Christmas day, it could get pretty warm in December and the winter months.
    “No really.”

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