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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Plot Bunnies 4

Sweet! It’s issue four of Plot bunnies, almost numero cinco! Squee! Well here you are, and I really need people to reply to the opinions, jeez. Come one and send in YOUR opinion, please, thanks for subscribing! I only got one opinion, so I won’t do it this issue. I’m creating a new column called ‘The Excerpt’. It’s where I take an excerpt from my novel, or you can submit an excerpt from your novel. You don’t have to
~Don’t just stick to writing novels, write poetry, screen plays, movies, tv shows, biographies, etc!
~Buy your self a notebook for each of your novels, three subjects works well, and two subject also do too. Section one will be for characters, section two for the outline, and section three for ideas. You can do what ever with the notebook!
~Beg your parents(or buy one yourself) for an iPod touch. They are so handy, and I’m able to write on mine and play my NCIS game. J
~If your fingers get cold when you write or type, well fingerless gloves will do the trick.
~Hurrah for the computer, outlining made easy using different programs!

~Listen to your gut, if something seems untrue then don’t go with it.
~Yahoo answers is here to help with all of your noveling questions!
~If you would like you can always use a notebook for all of your research and then make a table of content for all of your info in the front.
~Use a word document to take notes, if you don’t want to use a notebook.
So right now at the spur of the moment decided to host another contest, last time we only got three entries, we need more. This time it will be a romance and/or sc-fi aliens. You can write about romance, aliens, or both! This is your time to shine in the newsletter and on my blog!
Winning contest entry from 12-31-2010 contest:
Writer_Gurl: Despite all my reputation makes me out to be, I’ll have you know that I’m not the bad guy. I’m not a Grim reaper with a hood and a scythe. I’m only grim sometimes, as we all are, I reap nothing, I don’t recall ever wearing a hood in my many years, and a scythe would be pointless when you do so well killing yourselves.
I am the Angel of Death. Just as much an Angel as my brothers and sisters. As much an Angel as the Angel of Life, present at births to guide soul to body--be it human or other animals. And then there’s me—present at deaths of all animals. But only humans blame me for death. I am not the thing itself, I merely represent it. You always want someone to blame for your demises, and I’ve become the scapegoat. I don’t think that’s fair—if you need someone to take responsibility, blame yourselves. Yet you, humans, tend to fear me, think of me as a creature of evil and darkness. Well, the latter is true, but I assure you that I am not evil.
Evil and shadows are not the same thing. Evil requires strong emotions: rage, hatred, sometimes ambition, determination. The shadows that I am a part of cannot seem to hold any emotion at all. Yes, I get angry and sad and happy and the plethora of others that humans can harbor so well, but never very strongly, and never for very long. I am stuck in an endless state of apathy—I only know what I am missing from watching others, especially Life, especially humans, and the constant array of emotions you all hold. I have none of that, sheltered in that in-between place, the gap between life and the afterlife.
You humans should count yourselves lucky—you only enter this place once, and only briefly, before I pull you out. That’s my job—sending you on the right track, rescuing you in that moment when you are neither human nor spirit and start to sink into nothingness. Without me, you’d all be lost.
You’d think I’d get a little more appreciation.
But it’s not a hard thing to do, only a tedious one. I suppose I’m the perfect man for the job, emotionless enough to be content with the routine of it, empathetic enough to want to save you all from my fate. I’ve told you before, I’m not the bad guy. I want to help.
I am a little strict with so-called ‘second chances’. It’s my policy to never return a spirit to life if they ask for it outright--ingratitude coupled with coveting what should never be theirs again? No, that just won’t do. Most spirits go quietly on their way, but others get downright stubborn about another chance at life—I could give you names. I wonder how many you’d recognize?
It’s not like I never bring a person back to life. It’s happened only a handful of times, when I felt a human deserved or needed it. Never has another animal wanted more life than he or she was given. Never have I felt a need to grant it to them—it’s much smarter to follow the natural order of things, isn’t it?
Though I’m one to talk. Even with all my saying that I’m not the bad guy, I have to admit that I cheat a little. Sometimes the ever-present nothingness in my soul gets to be a little too much, a little too depressing. At these times, I do something I’m not entirely proud of. When another one of you (for a human consciousness is the closest to mine) is dying, I slip into your minds; then as such I steal a moment of your life, and your dying breath is mine. They say it is terrible to be ‘taken into Death’s cold hands’ like that, and I’m truly sorry. But sometimes the temptation to experience what I shouldn’t is too much. That’s something you, as a human, will surely understand.
(And, since you always seem so curious, I will tell you what I look like; I confess I’ll enjoy putting to rest theories of a skeleton or a man as old as the ages—though I assure you, I am. There isn’t really much to say—my features seem to reflect the emptiness within. I am tall, looking to be in my mid-twenties. My skin is pale and my hair is black, as are my eyes. Some say I carry an aura of power, and I believe and hope that to be true. But others say that they feel my apathy is only on the surface, with something powerful stirring underneath. These people are wrong. There is nothing underneath.
Remember that when you meet me, and count yourselves lucky.)

    When you think of vampires you think of Bella Lugosi, or Twilight, or the horror shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No one ever thinks of vampires these days, or the vampire bats. You probably wonder why they’re called vampire bats. Did ya see the word vampire in there? They’re vampires, duh. When they bite a human like me, poof, we’re one of them, a vampire I mean. The vampires think that it’s an honor to be changed in a vampire bat, but that’s stupid. Who wants to be a bat? Well not me!

    “Excuse me Miss. Freedman did you hear what I said?” Mr. Green asked from his desk where he was explaining the project.
    “Yes, I did.” I smiled and titled my head with hint of sarcasm emanating from me. Mr. Green glared at me but continued to talk excessively about the project. I (of  course) ignored him and continued picking at my scraggly cuticles that I had tried to chew off but failed. All of a sudden Mr. Green sighed and pointed to the door.
    “See you tomorrow.” I fist punched the air, grabbed all of my junk, and hurried out the door almost crashing into Ashlyn.

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http://annaswanson.blogspot.com/2011/01/cursed-outline.html : How to outline.
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