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Monday, May 2, 2011

Ding Dong Bin Laden's dead!

*starts randomly singing* He's dead everyone! Osoma Bin Laden is dead as George Washington (only I don't think GW is in hell).  I was actually at my kitchen table when I learned what had happened. When they said a Navy SEAL killed him, I started yelling "Hoorah!"
Alright, well today, I started to call my crush 'The Park Ranger' because he was reading a book called 'The Ranger's Apprentice'. :) My crush is super cute and lovable!
Since I haven't been on too much, I'll post up a poem for ya. I love ya'll just that much!

Step step, brush brush
All without a partner
No person to hold hands with
To help the slender dancer
With the difficult turns
This what she lives for
Challenges and dancing

Gracefully she glides
Across the gleaming, polished floors
All with out a partner
No strong man
To hold her frail hand
As she dances the day away
The dancer so lonely
She dances anyway
All without a partner

1 comment:

  1. I'm not really glad that he's DEAD. I mean, I am, but people have been absolutely thrilled about the death of another human being. I guess I'm not really as excited about his death as much as the fact that our world is rid of another threat. I found out on an Unexplained Mysteries forum...I'm such a nerd/geek...

    P. S. Brilliant poem, by the way! I wish I could write poetry...GRARG.


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