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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Word Bird

This is my every Tuesday meme. . . I don't really know what a meme really is, but I know that it's always on a certain day every week and you talk a lot in your post. XD That's all I honestly know about memes.
ONTO THE POST! BTW, this was inspired by this.

Where I am in the writing process: 
Really? Uhg, don't get me started. I scrapped the eight pages that I was going to get 
critiqued and I just decided to do a different novel. Not a good idea, but I'm hooked on this novel. I mean, it's like Pretty Little Liars only MUCH better. . . Okay, so I'm not Sara Shepard but still, it will be just as good. Anyway, I have no time to get writing because I'm doing art camp with two of my friends it's SOOOO fun. We had nap time on the playground to day and I'm thirteen. Yeah, it was awesome. We all say down on the rubber playground surface thing and it was epic. Then we went inside and the EARTHQUAKE happened! Thirty minutes later we all realized at the same time that we had just been in an earthquake. OH YEAH!

My current problems: Well, let's just say, I hope that Irene (the hurricane) doesn't hit because I can't find my flashdrive! XD 

My question this week (to all of you awesome folk):
What is your favorite thing about reading? The characters, the ability to be sucked into another world, or just the fantasy thing? :) 


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