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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Excitement is in the air. . .

Hello y'all! It's Anna here with tons of news. :)
  1. The next moderator for our Novel Writing Year site will be announced today once me and RedRoses (redrosesandviolets) decide.
  2. I just created a new banner for the site.
  3. My crush is getting braces. Okay that's not really news but. . .
  4. I'm going to post an excerpt of my new novel.
Okay. . .I think that's it. Once Redroses decides who shall be the moderator, we will announce it on our site. Stay tuned for details.
Since I was bored, I decided to start a new novel, yes I know, shame on me. Well here it is. Enjoy.

Chapter one: The beginning of my college years.
    “Your luggage,” said the chauffer, putting my suitcases down at my feet. I nodded at him, searching for some kind of answer to my unspoken question. But he merely nodded back, and got back into his black limo. I bit my lip and looked up at the grand doors of the school. And that's when I noticed what was carved into the stone above them.
9. 19. 1992
It was my birthday, definitely a coincidence. But before I could think anything else, I quickly walked up to the door and knocked on the old wood panel that was part of the door. I knocked on the door and a petite, slender gray-haired woman answered the door.
    “My name is Amaria Worthington,” The old woman at the front door said briskly, “And this is your Ambrosia Hall.” It looked like a high school to me, not a college. Or maybe like a castle. It had seemed like Ambrosia Hall was vacant, with no one living in any of the rooms. It was deadly silent and I actually jumped when Amaria lead me into the next room where a woman with coal black hair was standing by the stairs. She was standing stock still, unblinking and expressionless.
    You must be wondering what’s happening. Well I’ll tell you. My name is Enya Willows, I’m nineteen years old and going to college. Obviously my mum didn’t care where she sent me off to school just as long as she did and this is where she dumped me. Ambrosia Hall is the name of this wretched school where I have the only adventures that I have had in my entire life. This is just the beginning of my story.
    “Ah Mrs. Ambrosia, this is your new student Enya Willows.” I glanced nervously around the large, dark yet airy main hall. It reminded me of a cellar or a cave. I really did expect bats to be flying around and having stalagmites dripping water down onto our foreheads.
    “Pleasure to meet you Enya. I’m Mrs. Ambrosia your main teacher. I teach your Language Arts Class. Come with me and I’ll show you to your dorm.” I had only been there a minute or so and I was already being shown to my room. I really didn’t want to see my room, there were probably going to be vampire bats in there.
    “Who’s in my dorm room with me?” I asked quietly as we padded up the metal, spiraling stair case.
    “Charlotte is already there and some other girls will probably be coming here soon. We get lots of late arrivals.” Mrs. Ambrosia smiled as she let her pale, fragile hand glide along the banister.
    “Mmmmh, so what is she like?” I asked as we reached the top of the staircase.
    “You’ll see in time.” Mrs. Ambrosia’s voice hinted a smile. So much for getting a straight answer.

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