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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plot Bunnies 11, and my blabbering

Hola! It’s Anna here and I have two announcements.
1) I probably won’t have the same columns each week.
2) I will have articles in here written by other nano members! If you would like to write and article or two for the newsletter then PM about it.
Written by: Kikiann11
Finding a writing space is extremely important any time you write. It not only provides you with a comfortable, private space to write, but it also gets you into a writing mindset. A writing space without distractions can also increase productivity and limit procrastination. I’ve found that I can get a lot more work done when I’m in my writing space. Here are some basic criteria:
Privacy. I find I can’t write with people staring at me all the time. Find an area where you are a bit out of the way or that people don’t normally go. I find that working in the corner of a room is far easier than working in the middle of it. If you have to use a desktop computer, try using room dividers or a “Keep Out” sign to make sure you aren’t interrupted.
Comfortable Temperature. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t get any writing done! If you’re allowed, adjust the temperature of the room so it is comfortable to you. This is different for everyone; I prefer a warm room while others prefer a cold one. If, like me, you aren’t able to do that, keep a blanket (Snuggies actually work well for writing) or a small fan by your writing space, depending on your preference.
Adequate Seating. Even if you are in a super private spot and it’s exactly the right temperature, you won’t be able to write if your seat is uncomfortable. Whether it is a cushion on the floor or a winged armchair, you should be comfortable in your seat. You should also have room for your laptop, NEO, notebook, or whatever else you write with.
Eliminate Distractions. This is the most important one. In fact, any space can be a writing space if you can eliminate distractions. This means disconnecting the Internet, leaving your phone far away, and telling family members to leave you alone. This provides a quiet, distraction free place to write.
I hope these tips were helpful and easy to follow. Have fun finding your writing space!
1) Write Twilight YOUR WAY!
2) Do you know how to sabotage an iPod?
3) Listen to ‘Thriller’. Can you write a story about it?
4) Three young women sit in a dimly lit room and sulk in their sorrow
5) I was a dead man walking
6)Begotur. . .what kind of name is that?!
7) Grooveologer it’s the best class in school!??
1) Blow - Ke$ha
2) Hang On - Plumb
3) Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
4) Angels - Within Temptation
5) Till the World Ends - Britney Spears
6) Coin operated boy - Dresden Dolls

My Blabbering:I didn't get my word count goal for January and February, so if I get this word count goal then I'll buy myself three bags of peppermint patties. Mmmmmmhhhhh! Then in April I'm doing script frenzy, I'm doing an NCIS script where the main character Gibbs is killed by his enemy that supposedly died in season two. Then two new characters based on me and my friend Gina are added to the series but they've been at the agency for a while in my script will help save the day. I eventually hook up with Tony the cutest guy and we get married and live in this awesome glass house while McGee and Gina hook up leaving Ziva and Abby still single along with Jimmy and Ducky. I think Ducky will get married to someone eventually.

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