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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Plot Bunnies ~ Links

Due to my . . . achem laziness this week, I decided this is just for links! There will be no Plot Bunnies today. Just links for different fun and helpful websites. I will also have seven writing prompts as usual. If you want to know why seven prompts, it's because one for everyday of the week. :) Genius!!

Nowriyear for kids and teens.
My brand new RP that is pure awesomeness and about this island school for *mostly* rich kids! Join now.
How to get over writer's block.
Title is self explanatory.
How to improve your writing skills.
How to create a realistic fiction character.
How to write a novel as a *achem* kid.
How to write apocalyptic stories (or a novel).
How to outline a novel
How to begin a novel.
How to survive nanowriyear. **WRITTEN BY ME!**
Human and doll; An amazing RP that I joined
Apocalypse; my new RP. :)

1. Write about a lizard that has just rang your doorbell.
2. Have you ever seen Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd? Don't, but write a 60's British play that includes a bit of harsh language, that means you've got the play right there! Oh and don't for get the silly game that Negro, Sir, and Cocky play. *I went to see the play and it was horrible, stupid, and VERY VERY racist!*
3. Play a game of cards with your turtle, Senor Tortuga.
4. Write about the Navy, Army, or Coast Guard then see if everything you wrote was accurate.
5. If you go to church and hate it, then bring your notebook and write!! * I use to doodle until I told my parents that we shouldn't go to church because it's boring, they liked that idea*
6. Talk to your fish. What did he just say *or* would say?
7. Do you like little stars? ** *** ****** Squee! I do too, now go cover one of your forum posts with them!!

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