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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Plot Bunnies ??

I'm sorry, I forgot which Plot Bunnies issue this was. :) Sorry it was a bit short.


1. One morning you are sitting in front of your computer working on your novel when, suddenly, the computer starts talking to you.
2. One day when you were shuffling through some old papers, you come across a beautiful jewel-encrusted box. What does it look like? What's inside it? What are you going to do with it and it's contents?
3. Last night you went to bed in your own bed. Now you're in the forest with tons of animals talking around you! You even know what they're saying. They're talking about ways to kill you.
4. Describe your dream house/mansion/apartment/igloo in vivid detail.
5. Have you ever wanted to kill the Twilight vamps? Then do it! Just in story form please.
6. The last time I saw her it was when I was getting run over by an Eskimo. . .
7. Create a how-to manual for something you can do well.

If you chose to write a story off of any of these prompts, then send it to Plot Bunnies!! You'll be featured so everyone can see your work.

    Flames engulfed the house as Jeanne McGee stumbled out of the burning house. A cool rush of air kissed her face the moment that she emerged from the window. The wailing of sirens could be heard in the distance. She collapsed on the ground, gasping and panting for air. My own twin sister had started that fire . . .tried to kill our pregnant mother. . .and she tried to kill me. All of a sudden the window opened a bit wider and Willow, her killer sister, popped her head out. She jumped from the window and landed on my back, Jeanne screamed in pain and threw her body off of me.
    "What the hell was that for *****?!" She screeched at her as she clambered to her bare feet. "Jeanne, you could of killed mommy!" How dare she accuse me of setting our house on fire!
    "Why would I try and kill her? Oh my god, we have to go back in there and find her. Where's daddy?" Jeanne ran towards the front of the house to go back in but her sister stopped her in her tracks.
    "We don't need them any more. Especially mom." Her voice didn't waver at all as Jeanne realized that her sister's eyes were a bright red color instead of her normal emerald green. She tried to run towards the front of the yard again but Willow shoved her to the ground and lunged for her neck.
    "You-you're a vampire?" She cried, pushing Willow away from her neck. "Help! Help! Someone please help!" Her cry was heard by one of the firemen, who was marching up the steps.
    "Two girls over there! Get them an EMT." He shouted as he proceeded to break the girls up from the quarrel.
    "Where are your parents?"
    "Don't tell him or I'll kill you!" Willow growled, lunging towards her.
    "In their bedroom. Please, keep her away from me! She's a vampire!" Jeanne screamed and fell down as she pushed Willow away and into the firefighter's arms. "Our mum, she's pregnant. Help her first. Please!"
    "I will kill you Jeanne!"

I've been having a bit of a hard time keeping up with Plot bunnies. So either I have to stop sending out Plot Bunnies (I don't want to have to stop), or I have to get some help from some fellow Nanoers.
Here are some spots available that you can help fill. . .
1. Writing Tips
2. Best 5 of the week (movies, books, TV shows, etc)
3. One article a week.


  1. Can I help with the plot bunnies? I do have a nano account.

  2. Sure which spot will you be applying for?
    Here's the form:
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    P.S. You can either post it here or email me it at annaswanson48@gmail.com


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