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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sorry about the delay. . .

Sorry for the delay, I was very busy but here's plot bunnies 13.

1. Read, write, and go to book signings.
2. Find your writing space within your house. Is it the pantry, the linen closet, or your room?
3. Make sure your writing space is very clean so you don't start randomly cleaning it in the middle of your writing sessions.
4. Try and use some of these writing prompts to help you when your stuck. Who knows where they'll lead you!
5. Buy an iPod touch so you can write every where.
6. Frozen yogurt is good and better for you than ice cream. Yummy!
7. Read magazines on writing like writer's digest. Maybe if you write a novel, you could be featured in there!

1. Ever heard of the book 'Whither'? Well try and write a story based on that plot.
2. When the cappuccino met the macchiato. . .
3. Dirt is good.
4. OMG, the ostrich is going to get us Melvin! Run!!!
5. Discover the hidden secrets of dating. . .
6. Oh turnip batman, we've been robbed.
7. Fuzzy bedding, fuzzy pillows, and a peed on carpet. Darn it.

The best roleplay site around!
Forum - Home
A great site for us teen/kid writers.
Script Frenzy Young Writers Program
A great site for script writers!
Prolouge of A,B,C,E
By: Anna Swanson
    The cold winter breeze rippled through the branches of the bare Japanese Maple tree that sat in Dalia Moroon’s yard. She crossed her legs and then shuddered as another breeze ruffled her dark brown hair.
    “What are you doing out here?” Her mother, Maria asked quietly as she surveyed the yard.
    “I wanted to sit out here to wait for Josh.” She whispered, pulling her phone from out of her pocket and flipping it open. No new messages. Dalia groaned and stuffed her phone back into her pocket.
    “So, when do I get to meet him?” Maria sat down next to her daughter on the brick steps of their old Victorian house and then wrapped her pea coat around her shoulders even more tightly than before.
    “Never if we break up. I don’t think he cares about me any more like he use to.” Another breeze whistled through the trees and her hair swirled around her face.
    “Vampires don’t often get this chance to be with a human. You know that. You need to cherish this moment, maybe the only moment in your life were you’re allowed to love a human like this Dalia.” She whispered in a low tone, trying to keep quiet.
    “I know mom, I know. I just. . .I just think that maybe Josh and I are meant to be together but he just doesn’t think that.”
    “He loves you Dalia, he really does.”   
    “And how would you know mom?” Dalia laughed morosely.
    “Kyrie told me yesterday.” Her daughter groaned and then held her face in her hands. Kyrie, her older sister was a mind reader which was almost unheard of outside of the Counsel.
    “Damn you Kyrie.” She murmured, pinching the bridge of her nose.
    “Don’t say that Dee. You don’t mean it, she knows that and we all know that.”

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