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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Irony, darn you!

My mom also has Walking Pneumonia. :P Aren't I so nice? I gave it to my mom!
I'm feeling very guilty for not posting, so I'm posting an excerpt of my new book, 'C is for creative'. It's actually a book on writing, check it out if you'd like.

1. Think of twenty things you could do with a box.
2.  The squishy ball bounced down the hall while. . .
3. I hate Ace.
4. Opal and Penelope were. . .
5. I missed the train and that's how I met him.
6. The scandal was. . .
7. What is something that is completely unbelievable?
8. Write about writer's block. Write about being unable to write.
9. Listen to your heart and let it tell you what it wants to say. . .
10. And the tree rode the Ferris wheel. . .
11.A parcel arrives at the doorstep of a museum curator, asking him to keep it safe but never to open it.
12. What should you do if your computer starts talking to you?
13.  I like Ike.
14. In South Africa there is a hippo named. . .
15. Genies are so. . .
16.  The hippos were suggesting ways to kill me. That was one scary dream.
17. Valentine's day sucks. Why? I'll tell you why!
18. He keeps falling down because. . .
19. Create a new human-esque race.
20. I broke a promise and killed someone in the process. Oops.
21. I hate the circus. . .yet I'm in one. Touche.
22. The handwriting on the postcard was familiar.
23. The moon glimmering in the night sky. . .

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