I unfortunatly will not be blogging as much this November due to NANOWRIMO.
I'll probably post once a week,
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Such a wonderous thing it is

I have a cold and possibly another form of mono so I feel like crap. :) My mom feels like crap because her legs are swelling up because of her heart medication and my dad feels like crap because he has a tick bite and might have Lyme disease (he's going to the doctor's office soon). So my whole family just feels horrible, except for my dogs, yeah I know. Well I have a choir concert on Tuesday and rehearsal on Monday,but my voice is all raspy and sounds like this one girl's voice and she doesn't have a pretty voice. :P
I'm going to go take some more cough drops (ugly cherry flavor blugguhagh) and have some good ol' coffee. Then, I'll try and write. . . I'm not sure if I should start the makeup work I got or what. I have an excuse. . .

Mr. M: Why didn't you do your homework and make up work?
Me: I felt crappy

Mrs.K: Why didn't you finish your project?! I gave you extra time!
Me: I felt like crap. How can I write a good paragraph when my mucus is neon yellow with a hint of gray? Mmmmmmhhhh? Did I mention that I had to get blood drawn? Yes my test for mono was negative but the other one isn't. . .yet.

Yet again, I'm super sorry that I haven't gotten plot bunnies out. :( I feel crappy and I haven't really gotten on the computer in ages.
Love ya'll to pieces,
Anna Swanson
P.S. When I get better I MIGHT put up a little podcast sort of thing. :)
P.P.S I was asked if I could upload pictures of my work (photos) and I'll try!!

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