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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PRIZES!! What should I name her?

I'm begging my parents for this cat that I found at the SPCA and she's so adorable! This picture is above ^ ^ ^
Her name for now is Gertrude. But I hate that name.
She's VERY lazy, loves being brushed, and enjoys the couch. We have not adopted her yet, but it seems like a 60% chance that we are getting her.
What should I name her?  SHE'S A GIRL!
Here are some names that I like::
Miss. Marple
Agatha (Agatha Christie)

Now, the contest is to pick out her name. YOU MUST submit at least four names, comment here with the names, and have an email.
The prize is a book cover/signature/avatar just for you! :)

1 comment:

  1. Here are my name ideas: Madison, Zia, Kenna, Abbie or Nut (cause her fur is kinda nut colored?).
    Should I give you my email address here or what? I'm not sure if I'm comfortable w/that. Comment back at thinkingwritinggirl.blogspot.com/ .


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