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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top 5 things you must have in your writing space.

I decided to make a little list of things you MUST absolutely have in your writing space. Read on if you want to find out what you need in your writing space.

1. Obviously, writing materials.
                  - - - A laptop is your best friend. If you're serious about writing, trying convincing your parents for a laptop. If you have an iPod/iPhone/iPad you can buy a sixty-five dollar keyboard that you can plug your iPod/iPhone/iPad into. if you don't have anything except for a computer in the T.V. room, or a computer that everyone shares, you should write mainly on the computer and print the current chapter you are working on out and then write in a notebook. That way, all you have to do is type it into the computer! If you don't have any electronics, then you can just use a notebook and pencil.
2. Get a desk and a door.
                  - - - This way you can have some privacy and a nice writing space for yourself. The door can close and keep everyone out, while your desk will prevent you from sleeping on the floor, couch, or bed.
3. Get your supplies and make sure they're in working order.
                  - - - This means, get what you need and make sure they work. Don't put dried up pens in your space, and when they do loose all their ink, just throw them out, or if you have the time, go to the store and get some more ink. Also, make sure you have notecards (clean) for plotting, and paper for printing/doodling.
4. Rewards for when you need encouragement.
                  - - - Buy yourself some candy, or if you're close to finishing your novel then get your self a video game or something big. Don't open anything until you reach your goal. Put it next to your monitor/screen/notebook and start writing. When you reach your goal, open it eat/play/drink/watch it!
5. Decorations are a great way to keep YOUR space personal.
                  - - - One thing that is a must for YOUR space, it decorations and personal items.  On my desk, I have a little gnome, a shell turtle, candles, and my granddad's navy medal thing that you would put on the shoulder of your uniform. I also have a poker chip and my diary on my desk too. If you add YOUR stuff to YOUR space, it will be better than a plain old desk with nothing on it.

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