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Monday, August 29, 2011

A ripped flour bag

First of all I'm on my Aunt's computer right now because my house still has no power. I WILL NOT be back this week, meaning I MOST LIKELY will not be back until Thursday or Friday THIS WEEK. Depressing yes. Only one good thing came out of this. . .I got to work on my drawing skills. I've drawn two potraits of random people from magazines and they are great for a beginner. . .I think.
So with the title of my post, one of my beagles, Violet (the eldest), tore open a bag of flour. I made a flour sack baby for a camp that I did and left it high up on my nightstand. For some stupid reason or other, my idiot dog (she's so adorable though!) stood on her hind legs, dragged the sack (rather bag) to the floor and broke it open. If this had been a real baby, it's leg would have been torn off and guts everywhere. LUCKILY THIS IS NOT A REAL BABY. And there is flour everywhere. I emphazized it with italics and bold print.  My room and whole upstairs smells like flour. Blauhgh. Talk about nasty. So I sprayed perfume everywhere. :) Great solution, great smelling!
So, we'er having dinner at my Aunt's house, and leaving the dogs at home. Hopefully, we won't have to stay the night. -_- Well, our dogs would stay at home and then we would come back at like 6 in the morning and wake them up, then my mom would leave for work and my dad would have already left.
I'm going to nom my Roman Noodles, so check my Twitter for updates on my computer/power/electricity/dog's status. :P
I love you loyal followers!!

P.S. I'm super sorry for any misspellings, this computer doesn't have spell check for it's internet browser.

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