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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Write on Con!

I practically had a heart attack because when I went to post my Twitter pitch on the WriteonCon site, the site was down! Well, now I know that this is supposedly a common occurrence there. XD
Here's my post!

Twitter Pitch 
When 'Kitty' starts exposing everyone's darkest secrets. Teenager Myra Martin takes the case and she must stop Kitty from killing everyone.

First 100 Word Pitch 
Everyone has their different views on life, mine is 'don't sugarcoat it and roll with the flow'. Of course, some people think 'being popular really matters and I have to be like Barbie'. Tiffany was one of those people. She was there, every day of school, behind everyone listening to their conversations. Tiffany was the Queen Bee, the School Diva, the Alpha, and what ever else you want to call her. She was amazing in every which way. . .of course, a few people knew her flaws, and exposed her. Now, to Halle High, she's dead. Barbie girl has disappeared.

Yeah. I know, awesome, right? Well, that's mine and I'm happy! I was like the tenth person to post. Well, what do you think of my post? Comments?

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