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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Button baby.

I was inspired to make that button because of an author's tweets about an ARC of her new book sold for $100 on Ebay. That's unacceptable.

"Guys, if you see ARCs on eBay, please don't bid on them. It's not a way to support the author at all (in fact, it hurts us); it only helps scalpers who drive up the cost of things that should be free. I saw an ARC of Fever that had a bid of $45, and it sorta breaks my heartstrings a little. There was a very small quantity of Fever ARCs printed up, and many legitimate reviewers weren't able to get one, so to see that an "unread" ARC is being sold tells me that someone out there abused their position in order to turn a profit, and really, that just messes things up for me, my publisher, and other reviewers." -- Lauren Destefano

Bloggers, post this on your blogs and post your blog link in the comments. :) It doesn't have to have a permanent place on your sidebar, just post a post about this and make sure to spread the word about illegal ARCS selling on ebay. 

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