I unfortunatly will not be blogging as much this November due to NANOWRIMO.
I'll probably post once a week,
and maybe a live blogging post here and there.
Hope to see you all on the YWP Nano site! Ciao!
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Word Bird (4)

Inspirational picture of the day
This wonderous post is about my adventures as a writer, my struggles, and my questions for you. It's called The Word Bird because I am a word bird.

Mood: Tired/Annoyed
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Link of the day: PG-13 The Two Bs

Where I am in my writing: Planning! SO MUCH PLANNING. I'm planning my nano novel right now AND my Pride and Prejudice book report. BLAUHG. HELP. I'm going to die because of planning overload.

My current noveling problems: Actually none other than I keep forgetting to add certain things in certain places. 

My question for ya'll: What are your current noveling problems?

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