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Monday, December 5, 2011

It's been so long!

Wow, I haven't posted here in forever! *gives blog and followers smooshy hugs* It's been because of many things. One, I've been doing Nanowrimo (which I proudly won). Two, I was diagnosed with POTS and Raynaud's Syndrome (more later). And three, I've been doing homebound schooling causing me to become behind in school work.

When I said POTS up there in the first paragraph I bet you thought "What the heck?!" Hey, that's what I thought too when I first heard it! It stands for Postural Orthopedic Tachycardia Syndrome. This means that when I stand up from a sitting position, I become light-headed, dizzy, and my heart beat speeds up. I can't stand up to quickly or I might faint. Sometimes, even if I go to bed at eight, I become so tired that I can sleep for over ten hours a day! I was officially diagnosed in November and I'm pretty sure everyone at my doctor's office knows who I am. POTS is hard to diagnose, but I have most of the symptoms. My mom has it too, and sometimes her heart rate speeds up too much so she had to go to the hospital. . .luckily, I'm not at that stage yet. :)
Now about Raynaud's. . .this I think is the worst for me. My hands and feet get really insanely cold all the time, especially when I'm nervous. I have to wear fingerless gloves now and sometimes, that doesn't even help. It sucks and let's just say, wearing them to school gets you strange looks from EVERYBODY. I don't really mind that, I just don't like explaining why I have to wear them. I have this really awesome pink and black pair with skulls on them. Ooohhhh yyeaaahhhh! And right now I'm wearing them. :D
Okay, so I've been doing homebound school for the last month because of all of this testing and because of some other stuff that I have going on in my life (mainly doctors saying that I'm over-stressed). I do school at home for eight hours a week with two instructors, my math instructor and my English/Civics/science instructor. They're really nice, but I honestly miss my crazy teachers back at school. I'm still in advanced classes, but it's not the same.
This all means that I'm going to be home until the week after my birthday (my b-day is January sixth) unless we decide otherwise. I'm going to a therapist for my "stress" (I don't have any stress -_-) and I'm going to another hospital to get another diagnose on this "stress", my mom thinks it's something else, so we'll see on Thursday. I also might be sick with walking pneumonia for the FIFTH time. RAWR.
Don't worry, I'm NOT dying! I'm just merely a strange teenager with medical problems that are being treated. I'll still be around and I'll try and blog some more. I posted this post only to let you guys know that if there are any other people that are suffering from one of these conditions that I have, you aren't alone! I actually found a ton of info on POTS on potsgrrl's blog. It made me feel so much better to know that there are 500,000 of us people out there in the U.S. ALONE that suffer from POTS. How cool is that? It's not cool that we have this syndrome, but it's definitely cool to know that we aren't alone.

I'm going to go warm my hands up now,

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  1. I miss your blog! please post again soon!


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