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Friday, December 24, 2010

Plot Bunnies Newsletter, issue one.

Wow, the first issue of Plot Kitties. Sorry for that random sentence. Hola chicos y chicas! That means ‘Hello boys and girls’, I’ll probably be using that has my introduction most of the time, lol.
Thank you so much to everyone that subscribed, that means a lot to me and I really hope that you’ll enjoy this issue. Please spread the word! Oh yea and Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukah, Merry Kwanza, etc etc.

This is my favorite part of each issue, the tips, especially the writing ones. You probably have heard all sorts of crazy tips, but these are what I find to help me when I need help.
~Drink hot chocolate before you write, the Sipping Coco at the store Trader Joe’s is really good. It helps your brain! Mmmmmmhhhhhhh. . . .and keeps you away from the candy.
~When you’re absolutely stuck and all of the ideas in your brain have just ran out of your ears, read. I get all of my ideas(when I’m stuck!) from the books I read.
~Set goals for each hour, or half hour. Such as I will write one thousand words in an hour, or I will write four hundred words in a half an hour. Make sure while you’re writing you aren’t being disturbed by family members, so that way you can have the maximum word count.
~Try to be really creative and doodle. It’s one of the hardest things to do when you don’t have ideas.

Yahoo answers is the best site for writing that I have ever used, you ask a question, select a category to put it in, and then you wait for answers. However some of them are not honest.
Best vampire name generator ever! She has many other generators too.
My new writing blog, please visit!!

This is my second favorite part of the newsletter, everyone had trouble researching so I decided to help everyone out. I know that’s it’s really hard, annoying, and frustrating, but we all have to do it! So here are some tips to help you.
~You’re not the only one!
~If you can’t find a reliable source on the internet, look in a book.
~Use snow days in the winter to research, that way you can go to school with more info to impress your friends and teachers, but also so that you can continue writing your book.
~WRITE IT ALL DOWN!!! Don’t just read it, take notes!

Anonymous: Stephanie Meyer is a horrible writer, and Twilight is a horrible book.
Next week’s opinion: Just like in the young writer’s workbooks on the young nanowrimo site, there are spaces for good and bad books. To you(I mean to you!), what is a good book and what is a bad book?
Vampirelover: And Stephanie Meyer is a good author, she inspired me to write my novels the way I want to put them, and people say I write like her too! I love the movies, but the books are totally AWESOME! It's like I'm watching a movie in my head while reading the book!!

"You know, you’re really annoying when you do that.” Alex snorted as Bubbles romped around the seats, and finally settled on standing on Alex’s legs. She sighed and tried to shove Bubbles off of her lap, but her claws stuck firmly to her jeans.
“She loves you Alex. Face it, you have an admirer.” My mood was pretty good considering my life was going to be hell when I started school again.
“I can’t believe you kept your sense of humor.” Alex turned her head away from the window a look of disbelief crossing her sweet face.
“Well yea, I always keep it when I’m sick. You didn’t think I would keep it now when I’m switching schools? What would I do without my sarcasm?” She rolled her eyes and then turned back to the window, watching all of the pale-skinned students walking towards one of the buildings.
“Alright girls stop fighting and think about being polite to the headmistress. I don’t want to be embarrassed like I was when we were meeting the headmistress at Etha.
“M’kay.” Alex snorted as she opened the car door on her side of the car and got out, quickly slamming the door in my face, Even though she really didn’t mean to do that, I still decided to glare angrily at her. I opened the door and stepped out of the car with little Bubbles stalking behind me.

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