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I'll probably post once a week,
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Squeee look at all of my presents.

I got an Ipod touch, a Nook, Snow, a super cute necklace, and many other great things. *sigh* It was a great Christmas, and I still haven't done my make up work yet, or finished the four hundred page book I have to read, or the project for the book.  Whoops, I guess I should be doing that right now. . .but can't I skip that because I am 'researching' a career for the future? Hmmmm teachers? Hmmmhmmmmm?
Teacher: No you can not, you have to do your school work! School work comes before friends and everything else!
Me: *punches teacher* Knock out!!
Teacher: You are going to be expelled Anna, expelled!!
Me:Boo hoo.
Principal: I don't care.
That really did happen at one of the school in my school district. . . .that is how much teachers these days care. . .
Well any way, I'm still working on the next issues for the Plot Bunny news letter, and I'm really excited. If you can then submit some work, writing prompts, and tips, I would really appreciate it. :)
Buh- bye,
Anna :)
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