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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Uhg help me with my homework. . .anyone?

Okay sorry about all that groaning, but ever since I got sick with the swine flu, flu, and strep(yes all of them at the same time, yes I'm still here), I've had TONS of make up work. Okay, not a ton, I just have. . .
~English book I have to read: pg 103 out of 516
~English project for The Red Pyramid (it sucks)
~Science notes packet, and worksheet packet on cell division(groan)
~Math angles worksheets
~Spanish notes on comparing classes(did that whooooo!)
~History: none!!!
Okay so yea, that's what I missed and that's how much lots of teachers care. The only teacher I know in the past two years that actually cared about me was my English teacher who I still love very dearly. She was my best teacher in Sixth grade, and I still wish I could be with her at the other school(we go redistricted, well darn you superintend!). I also loved my math teacher from last year, she works at the school I go to now, and she is quite awesome(so is her daughter). Oh and my choir teacher last year, she also rocks(we chanted her name at the ceremony when they were handing out the awards, turns out we got first place for one category and a soloist medal).
Okay, enough with me talking, I'm working on my new novel and it's top secret, however I will give you a tiny excerpt. . .okay? Good!
Anna :P

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