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Monday, February 7, 2011

Why I'm a nerd. . .revised

I'm a nerd because I listen to 1914's music in my free time. I sing 'It's a long way from Tipperary' in the shower.
I was the only one in my history class who knew who Charlie Chaplin is.
I watch Poriot.
I know a lot about Stephen Fry. He was in Jeeves and Whooster.
I love Spanish!! Hola, me llamo Anna. Como te llamas? Me gusta bailar y escribir cuentos. Que te gusta hacer?
I'm getting pi earrings for pi day.
I'm an NCIS freak
I'm a navy freak
I'm getting signed Pointe shoes from an ABT dancer and I'm hanging them up in my room. :)
I read the newspaper every Sunday and not just the comics.
I love gnomes, llamas, and NCIS
I watch the news every day, it is quite interesting!
I named my fish *takes a deep breath* Very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo. He has his own apartment. :)
AND I can speak in phonetics.
Bravo Yankee Echo!!

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