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Sunday, March 20, 2011

HI! Here's a lot of text for you!

Sorry I haven't posted much, I'm a wee bit busy. :) But I'm back! Here I am!


We’re almost at issue fifteen! *dances around desk*  But we can’t reach issue fifteen without people helping out. We still need people to help out by writing articles and tips.
Here are some positions that need to be filled:
Writing tips
Best five books, movies, TV shows, and captions of the week

The two people that sign up will of course get credit.

This is the hardest part about writing. Not outlines, not characters, not even starting. Not a chance. Easily the hardest part of writing is finding time to put pen to paper. Here are a few tips to get you started:
Look at your schedule. Are there any places where you aren’t busy? Try to fill these times with writing.
Write during car rides. This is such an underused time. You’re just sitting in the car, listening to your ipod or playing video games when you could be writing. Bring along a notebook and start to write out your first draft. This also applies to waiting in a doctor or dentist’s office.
Find time to write every day. Pick a half hour when you’re never doing anything- say 7:00 to 7:30. You shut off your Internet and write for that half hour. Eventually, it will become a habit and you will be doing a little bit of writing every day.
Write With Friends. Having a little motivation never hurt anyone, did it? Plus, you can have Word Wars and cultivate a social life at the same time. It’s a win-win, right? Well, maybe not if you lose the Word War…
I know firsthand how challenging finding time to write is with school, afterschool activities, sports, RPing, and procrastinating on the Internet. But these tips work for me, and I hope they work for you.

1) Write whenever you can and use Kikiann’s article to help you.
2) You read this tip, now go write 300 words. Muhahahaha!
3) Keep your desk, or writing area tidy so you won’t have to clean it up when you don’t want to write.
4) Have you ever played Sims? If so then upload your story!! J
5) Surround your writing space with clean air. Or you can spray a bit of your favorite air freshener here and there. Mmmmmmmmhhhhhh apples and cinnamon!
6) Try to outline your novel even if you don’t or have never tried outlining. You may find that it helps you write better.
7) Don’t just sit there at your computer surfing the web. GO WRITE!

1) Write about the life of a poker chip.
2) The sun shone through the window and . . .
3) One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi. . .
4) He had just drooled on my Spanish textbook while making kissy faces at Hannah. I have to burn the textbook. . .
5) He was almost killed. . .
6) Write about gnomes.
7) Write about turtles.

1) The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane ((book))
2) NCIS - Cover Story ((TV show))
3) The Adjustment Bureau ((Movie))
4) Knight and Day ((Movie))
5) Iz forgots da moneys http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/a28f332e-f09d-45dc-920f-ed5c56110d68.jpg ((caption))

Did you like that issue?  Well here is an excerpt from my novel (one of the many). Enjoy.

    The smoky autumn breeze made the branches of the trees out side of our dorm tapped against our window making us paranoid. We had been like that ever since Dalia died.
    "It's the two month anniversary of Dee's death." One of my best friends, Ash stated as she clean out her binder for school which hadn't started yet, but it started in less than a week.
    "Don't remind me." I ran my pale fingers through my long, messy brown hair, then I shuffled to our closet to pick out some pajamas.
    “You cold?” I asked. I had stopped walking to check to see is Ash was okay. She was sitting on her bed huddled in her black skull adorned blanket that she Dalia had bought her a month before she died.
    “No. . . I’m fine.” She got up and followed me to the closet still wrapped up in her blanket. That’s when Charlotte stirred in her bed and looked down at us in the corner. Her beautiful, naturally straight blonde hair was in a disarray. It was pretty funny to see her with bed head.
    “Hola sleepy head!” I giggled waving up at her.
    “What’s today?” She grumbled, setting her head back down on her down pillow.
    “September second, we still have a week until school starts.” I slid the mirror closet door open and slid the hangers across the bar that held all of my clothes. There were four racks, one for me, another for Ash, Charlotte, and the last one, which was empty, was for Dalia who was six feet under.
    “It’s Dalia’s two month anniversary of her death.” Charlotte sat up straight, her squinty eyes had become large, round saucers.
    “Do you guys have little calendars in your heads or what?!” I screeched, throwing up my hands. Was I supposed to remember her death? I didn’t want to remember that.

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