I unfortunatly will not be blogging as much this November due to NANOWRIMO.
I'll probably post once a week,
and maybe a live blogging post here and there.
Hope to see you all on the YWP Nano site! Ciao!
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Super Contest!!

Contest subject: Fifteenth Follower or Twenty-fifth Commenter
Contest details:
  • Do not spam in order to become the fifteenth commenter.
  • You must enter by 4/30/2011
  • If you're from the nano young writer's site then please tell me. This has no effect but I would like to know.
  • Make sure that if you win, then give me your email in a comment or your username on the nano young writer's site so I can PM you your prize.
  • The prizes are two book covers or icons decorated by me using GIMP and Photoscape. :) I think that's a pretty cool prize. You can tell me what you'd like in an email!
  • Do NOT spam, you will be disqualified.
  • Do NOT write this as your comment 'hey lol. ur blog is funny. here's my blog: link' That disqualifies you also!
  • Do supply a creative comment.
  • Do have an email address.
Start commenting!!!


  1. You can find sample book covers in the past, present, and future novels!

  2. This is coming from a fellow blogger(kind of) and so I must ask, (as I also enjoy getting comments/follows) why do you want people to comment/follow your blog??

    For me, I post (or at least going to get to that at some point) contests on my blog(s) and so if someone was to follow I would think it would be wonderful for a fellow writer to get creative with a contest and write somthing. Bonus if they have writers block and the contest helps them out in some way.

    Now I am not trying to be rude or anything along those lines, I am just wondering, as I do that a lot....why do you, yes, you, want people to comment/follow your blog??

    And to anyone else who may read this commment...why do you want people to comment/follow your blog??

    <3 Photography43(from the YWPnanosite)

  3. I got the idea from Mercy who got it from Faith. I would like to entertain readers while promoting my blog. :)

  4. Ohhh Okay!! I hope I didn't sound rude or anything, I was just wondering, cause I know a lot of people just do it to try and get more followers. Wish you the best of luck! :)


  5. Oh, yeah, actually I am from YWP xD I don't I told anyone though xD My username is Ace. Just Ace, nothing else added on to it. :)


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