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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tennis camp. . really?

I have to go to tennis camp with two of my friends. I really don't want to go and this is the second day so I stayed home. Well, lemme just say this guy is a loon, a nut job, a spaz, an over enthusiastic creepazoid. Then, he gave me a lecture on hand eye cordination, learning, and getting comfortable with the racket. He's scary and I don't want to go to the camp anymore. Tennis is not my forte. . .what ever that means. XD
Well of course, it cost like $90, I don't care. I WANNA GET OUT!!!! Besides, I think I'm depressed because I have a cavity and I'm just that age where "It" starts happening. Also, I found out that when my grandpa died, he didn't hit a deer. . .he hit an RV! Well that makes my day greeeaaatttt. AND my dog is mad at me for no reason AND I grew out of my favorite pair of jeans, and I have to wait four days to get a new pair meaning I only have one pair of shorts and one pair of jeans. I have sweatpants, but still, not the point.
Of course, the camp ends on Thursday, but I can't take much more of this even though it's not even half a day. It's freakin' hot out and lemme just tell you, my shirt and shorts. . .and other things were soaking with sweat. . .and I don't sweat a lot so that must mean it was hot out. If you didn't already realize this, we're outside in the freaking heat. -_-
This sucks. Hopefully you're having a better week than me!

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