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Friday, September 9, 2011

A book report? WHAT?

WOOOO! I'm in advanced English!!
Okay, so you may think 'well that's awesome Anna'. . .well it's not. We have four book reports that we have to do this year and we have to read a book together as a class. -_-  For my book report I'm reading Pride and Prejudice. . .I read it last year. Shhhhhhh. 
The one problem with being in advanced English is that I have no time to write!  :(  So sad. *whimper* Luckily, I have the chance to collect funny and strange quotes. . . You could say I'm eavesdropping. . .but eavesdropping is wrong.
Here's a line that I got from one of my classmates. . . 
"I ate like, eighty flapjacks yo."

And then one from my friend. I will tease her about this forever.
"Let's play flapjack!" XD She meant to say slap-jack, it's a card game. 

Yikes! I have to go work on Spanish and English homework. (LOL!) 


P.S. Every post I'm going to post a picture for inspiration! They're always found on weheartit.com

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