I unfortunatly will not be blogging as much this November due to NANOWRIMO.
I'll probably post once a week,
and maybe a live blogging post here and there.
Hope to see you all on the YWP Nano site! Ciao!
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Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm addicted!

School starts tomorrow. *drops to knees* NNOOOOOOOOO!!! *clears throat* Sorry, but I'm just so sad about the end of this amazing summer.
Well, about the addicted part. . .
I found this amazing site that I think should be a tool that every writer uses. It's great for writing prompts and sparking your imagination.
It's We Heart It! It's an amazing site full of cool pics that are sure to spark your imagination.
Like these. . .

Yeah, it's pretty awesome and there are some pretty awesome pics on the site. I'm addicted now, and I love it. ;)
Well, I have to go and get school supplies along with trying to start my novel. You can check out the novel on my Current Novel page!

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