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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Novel issues!

Mood: Depressed. :(
Song playing right now: Michael Meets Mozart -- Jon Schmidt 
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My novel just doesn't want to be written. It keeps posing all of these problems and then shoves them in my face. Like for instance, the other day I realized "How is Morgan going to meet Ezra?" I mean really!? I should've figured that out a long time ago. Then "What is her family like?", I realized that I wanted her to have a big family, so now I have another problem "Kim and Kitty (they're twins) are talented students so they go to a different school than the rest of the family, also because they're the youngest. So where do they go?"
I swear, it just wants to be left alone. . .it's like a puppy when they want to sleep, they get cranky sometimes bite you but then you let them sleep and they wake up happy. XD
Last night I actually stayed up till 12:30 writing my new novel. When I looked at the time I was like "What the?!", it honestly scared me. After, I went to bed and listened to Pride and Prejudice. . .but then I fell asleep while listening to it so I drained my iPod's battery. :P

I better get writing!

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