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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Visions/Gifted and much much more

Mood: Excited!
Song playing right now: 
 Bonamana by Super Junior ((It's Korean. . .or Japanese))

Picture of the day: 

Today I was talking to my mom about my Visions/Gifted/Advanced English class. . .my mom told me that that was what she was learning in her eighth grade English class. That's sad, I mean, we should be learning all this in a normal English eighth grade class. -_- I mean, I still feel smart, but now it makes the kids in the normal classes seem somewhat dumb.
That was the main topic of my post today. :P Now onto my teeth!
I saw my cavity using two mirrors and four hands. XD Yes the dentist showed me the cavity. Pretty scary. My right side of my mouth, and parts of my cheek were all numb. I had soup later that evening and swished it to that side and couldn't feel it. I then swallowed and I was like "I have soup in my mouth?!". It was fun.
On another note, I'm doing GREAT on my novel. . .I feel so bad that I'm obsessed with Morie (the MC) and her romantic relationship with her teacher. "It's so wrong, but so right." -- Morgan Radcliff  BTW, I love Aria and Ezra on PLL and that's were Morie and Ezra's appearances came from. . .yeah, I stole Ezra's name. :P I couldn't find any other name that could fit. I still can't come up with a title, so if you have a title PLEASE COMMENT or SHOOT ME AN EMAIL. 

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